Olga Zubkova

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Date of Birth: 05/26/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Eagle

Citizenship: Russia

The island - a chance to be justified

Author: Natalia Kienya

Website: Celebrities

This week, on February 7, "First Channel" will show the first two series of the final season of "Lost" ( "Lost"). Russian Prime Minister only five days behind the Western - and just five days will be the team of translators and dubbing actors on it, to make heroes of the American series to speak in Russian. The correspondent of "Week" Natalia Kienya tried to find out the actress Olga Zubkova - familiar to Russian audiences `voices` heroines Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie - what can we expect from the latter part of the main mysteries of modern television.

How much time you will have to voice acting provided that the series has to be translated?

- I think a couple of days. But, in principle, nothing complicated for the professionals in this term there. The day one series we definitely do that, because the team selected a good one. Everyone knows how those who work and are doing everything quickly.

You five, and how many characters?

- If we consider that the previous one, dubbed version of "Lost" made 30 people, now at each of the dubbing actors will go to bed at once several roles. We do not know who anyone is. Yes, we really do not need to know in advance it. Each of us is not the first year working in the profession, and know how to distinguish one character from another so that it was tasty, and quietly, and do not tell the quality of the film.

How to separate? And how many roles can voice alone?

- In the voice-over for television detective I register four or five characters. Five, of course, it will be difficult, but the four I`ll take over exactly. For example, in one scene found the grandmother, mother, adult daughter and three year old granddaughter. All of them can sound on the fly, changing voices and in any case not delaying entry.

How long does it take to voice the series "Lost" as usual?

- People who feel themselves in the profession as a fish in water, write a series of half-hour or hour and a half feature film about one to one. That is, if the film is a half hour, and voice-over dubbing team spent two, this is a good result.

Who are the heroes of "Lost" you want to announce?

- I have the soul is one of the main characters ... Though actually I would take them all!

N: For some reason I think you pretty Kate ...

Yes, of course, it is. I`m sorry for her as a woman. This is a man who got out of the frying pan into the fire. I want her pity, and her heart aches more.

Do you think that this island?

- Island - a chance. Presented not nature, not something more supreme opportunity to change the situation in which you live to justify to someone or something to fix. After all, in real life, a person who has committed a folly, often can not correct it. Or maybe, but he does not know it, goes on ahead and think that nothing will change.

What do you expect from the sixth season?

- You know, every time I in "Lost" trying to guess how it ends, and each time wrong. I was happy. Because when you turn on the film and you know who the good, who is evil, and that will be the end ... Why then look?