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Date of Birth: 08/22/1966

Age: 50

Place of birth: Lions

Citizenship: Ukraine


Winner of the Prize "Constellation" Festival for Best Actress (1994, for the film "The voice of the grass")

Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko (1996)


Olga was born in Sumy hereditary family of actors. Her parents: Vyacheslav Ignatovich Sumy (People`s Artist of Ukraine) and Anna Sumy - the actors of the National Academic Drama Theatre. Franko. It is thanks to them, Olga is already five years old the first time appeared on the stage of Theatre of Zaporozhye. Shchorsa in the play "Jennie Gerhardt."

Since the parents were always busy, the main concern for the education of Olga lay on the shoulders of an older sister - Natalia, who had always been for her first authority. It also led her to the set. Then sixteen Olga in the television movie "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" played three roles: the Muse, and Sotnikivnu Pannochku.


It would be surprising if Olga has chosen a different path in life, rather than the acting profession. In 1987 she graduated from KGITI named IK Karpenko-Kary, workshop N. Rushkovskogo. And from next year she became an actress Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. On the stage of this theater, she played in productions of "The Suicide", "Easy Money," "The Lady Without Camelias," "Inspector", "Midsummer Night`s Dream," "The Incredible Ball" and others.


First husband was actor Olga Sumy Evhen Papernyi. But in 1990, their marriage fell apart. The reason was a new love Olga. While she was rehearsing a musical at the Theatre of Russian Drama. According to the script of her lover was actor Vitaly Borysiuk. Gradually relationship with the scene switched to life.

The actress recalls: "I forgot about everything and then plunged into a feeling. Actually, then I lost everything - her husband, and an apartment and a child. Of course, since smarter now unlikely to be decided on such a thing, but, you know, there is a saying "never say never". All adjusted over time. I think Evhen not pose harm to me. "

From marriage to actor Eugene Paperny Olga Sumy daughter has Antonina (born in 1990). With current husband Vitaly Borysiuk actress brings her daughter Anna (born 2002).


Even as a student, Olga Sumy starred in the biopic Timothy Levchuk "And the sound of the memory will respond" in a military kinoromane Shulamith Tsybulnik Galina Shigaeva "In his heart."

Once again on the set Olga back to the early `90s. Pretty witch - a nickname she received after being shot in the film Natalia Motuzko "Voice of grass." The film, set in the poetic style of Ukrainian folklore, she appeared in the role of student omniscient lady white magic (Raisa Nedashkovskaya). For this work, Olga Sumy together with Raisa Nedashkovskaya became the winner of "Constellation-94" Film Prize for Best Actress.

Yes, it was an undeniable success, and a few years later came and real popularity. She brought her actress role or Roksolana in the TV series "Roksolana - the prisoner of the Sultan." To get it, Sumy auditioned, as well as a hundred other girls - 15-year-old schoolgirl to serious professional actresses.

The show, staged on the novel by Osip Nazaruk, spoke about the fate of Ukrainian girl Nastya Lisovska willy case caught in the Sultan`s harem and became one of the legitimate wife of Suleiman II of, receiving the name Roksolana.

Incidentally, the film set in the chase scene on horseback she worked without a backup, what led to the indescribable delight the whole crew.

In "Roksolana" was filmed and the husband of Olga Sumy - Vitaly Borysiuk. He played Satie Pasha - a convinced misogynist.

Currently, Olga Sumy, one of the leading actresses of Ukraine. In addition to the theater and cinema, it works on television. Olga - a leading "Empire Film" program on Channel 1 + 1.

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