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Date of birth: 04.06.1987

Age: 29

Place of birth: Slavgorod

Citizenship: Russia


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Childhood. Youth

Olga Sukharev born June 4, 1987 in the Altai region in the small town of Slavgorod. Four years later, she and her mother moved to Odessa. There she began to attend art school and a music school, piano.

A little later, with nine years, Olga began to take part in the performances of Theatre of Musical Comedy, Drama Russian and Ukrainian Drama Theatre. In twelve years the young actress landed her first major role - the Little Red Riding Hood in the eponymous play directed by V.V.Tumanova, postavlennomna stage of Russian Drama.

A year later, Olga was entrusted more serious work - the role of Chagall`s wife, a woman with a difficult and tragic fate, in the play "Marc Chagall. Overcoming "on stage" theater-studio Art-therapy "at the Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children. This young actress played the role with great success for several years, winning the hearts of thousands of viewers in Odessa.

In 2004, Olga Sukharev took part in a beauty contest "Miss Odessa", which was awarded the title of "Miss People`s Choice Award."


Olga Sukharev always dreamed stataktrisoy. And she wanted to study at the legendary Moscow Art Theater School. After graduating from school in 2004, she went to conquer the capital. The first attempt was unsuccessful. The shock was strong, but it did not break, Olga. She worked a year in the modeling business, at the same time vigorously preparing for the new entry, and in 2005 successfully entered the school-studio in the course Konstantin Raikin.

During his studies Olga Sukharev took part in the performances, set in the theater on Strastnom: "Stravinsky. Games "(statement A. Sigalova) and" Woe from Wit "(directed by V. Ryzhakov), as well as in the performance of educational theater Moscow Art Theatre School" Future Pilots ".

After graduation in 2009, the actress was admitted to the troupe Mossovet. Here she is busy in the play directed by Andrei Konchaloskogo "Uncle Vanya" (by AP Chekhov) as Vera Petrovna.


On the silver screen Sukharev Olga made her debut in 2009 starring role in the film Artem Nasybulina "Love on demand." She played Tanya Agashkovu, kind and sincere girl, pupil of children`s home.


2009 Love Demand

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