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Citizenship: Russia

We breed from mugs.

Olya, your husband - is also very famous actor Konstantin Vorobyov. Who of you often recognized on the street as you walk along?

- If a person has such a large texture, like me, it is hard to miss. Of course, recognize me often. Kostya - an artist who really changed. My classmate once confessed to me that she was madly in love one actor, described it in detail, the role called only name she could not remember. She asked if I knew him. Kostya was sitting. I say. "So he" She could not believe that this is the same man whom she had just said for a long time. Now that he has become in the series to be removed, most people know it.

Do you like such attention?

- Kostya is very shy. And I am pleased that the people on the street when he saw me smile. After the role of Clara in "Black Crow" - the human kind, loyal and absolutely selfless, people come up to me not as an actress, but as a good clave.

I remember back in college, when we had to play a graduation performance, seeing a room spectators, I am terribly agitated and thought, "Maybe at least one person I like?" This installation has helped me to overcome all fears. And still it helps. Kostya contrary - his work can be liked by everyone, but one person can tell him something unpleasant, and all he rested in a negative opinion and would worry.

You Bones studied in the same year?

- Yes, we have completed together LGITMiK, Agamirzyan course. The Institute took me as a social character. At 21, when I graduated, I played mostly aunts and mothers. Often my "children" were much older than me. And in the 30 years I suddenly began to offer the role of heroines.

And Claudia of "Black Crow" you close?

- On the dubbing me there was an amazing metamorphosis. Claudia I very quickly grew old ... Or maybe the other way around, back to reality. When I saw on the screen, Claudia, I agreed, yes - nice face, but would be better if it was not mine. After this spectacle, I ceased to be painted, as before, ever flowing long hair gathered up in a bun, and realized that I was in a different season. That is, Claudia took me by the hand and led to another lovely feeling subsistence own "I". Maybe a little earlier than we would like. But the first thing I did, voicing Klava, - refused several roles in theater Foundry. With me gone performances "Taibele and its demons" and "Moon for the stepchildren of fate." Zone lovers heroines over - came Clara area. I again began to offer moms play adult characters, Phaedra. But I take it philosophically, what comes - all interesting.

What happens to Claudia in the continuation of "Black Crow", which is currently shooting?

- There she is given a little time - Claudia quietly die in the frame. It is a pity, of course, but many do not live. Basically, she`s already gone through many. Claudia fact and came to the show, when she was about 40.

And Kostya Vorobiev in this series do not call?

- That`s just, I`m gone, and Kostya come. He is there to be a bandit, but somehow comical.

to undress in the cold

Where more interesting to work - in the theater or in the movies?

- I love the movies. It is always associated with the miracle. Who loves the camera, adds to the pros. Still fascinates me how smoothly crew team is preparing for a second shot.

I remember when Herman was shooting "Khrustalev, the car!" It was a cold winter. My character - a teacher, in love with the main character, was to run out into the street without a coat, where the main character - actor Yuri Tsurilo drove by car to the house. Love still image. It`s cold in the extreme, and around the corner from the house even put vetroduy. Dressers are trying to throw my coat over her shoulders, so as not to catch cold, a German shouts, "taking off her coat, let him feel that is waiting in the cold." I was so in love with it at all - in the courtyard, in the director, in the actors, vetroduy that was ready to freeze indefinitely, and did not feel the cold.

In the series, after Herman`s probably not interested in acting?

- There due to the timing different construction process, but there I was faced with the highest professionalism. Recently he starred in the TV series about the paranormal in director Victor Gonchar. She played the conductor of the train. The shooting took place at night. At the time I was more than a difficult schedule: in the afternoon rehearsal, evening performances. But I was waiting for these nights as a holiday. So there were all talented and interesting.

And I do not feel like running too forward, but I was very happy to receive an invitation to star in the comedy "Mugs" written by Mikhail Vasserbaum (Ivushkin). According to the plan, our family - Golf, Kostya, Olga - the prototypes of characters of this film. We Sparrow, and they Sinichkina - cute cranks "mugs", and the action takes place in the village of Mugs. And here we are with the bones in the mug. Our daughter Paul did not see - she is already 15 years old, and there is the plot of a small child. So with us plays a charming girl, who is also named Fields.

Your daughter also wants to become an actress?

- I would very much like her to go in our profession. But it is by nature a very quiet, shy. I was incredibly surprised when her daughter she decided to participate in the recitation competition. My mother Maya was brilliant Zabulis chtitsey, winner of various competitions. Here she is in the "sounding word" would have been at an unattainable height, and Polka - this kitten. But I said, "Paul, let`s choose a verse." I helped her a little bit and forgot about it. And then somehow come to school, her classmates run and shout: "And your fields competition" sounding word "won!" It seemed to me then that this mom helped Polke. And when she wanted to go to the theater "Unison" studio, I did not discourage her. Now she was four years in the theater. The scene in the play "Flying balloons in the sky", where Paul plays a military study, tearing apart my mother`s heart. And now, thanks to the play Pauline was cast in the film "Italian". Our parents` heart just froze with happiness ...

Who is closer - with dad or mom?

- We have a polka completely crazy love and connection. But it is by nature close to the bone. I`m more open-minded person, they - other people are silent. With my temperament complicated field, and Kostya they easily find a common language.

Who is the head in this house?

- We live quite chaotic. I do not superhozyayka. When we were married to Bones, a million years ago, at the 2nd course, the first painted the household duties. We wanted to create the right family, but remained at the level of good intentions. My favorite activity - read a huge directory of medical advice. We do not belong to the bohemians, on the contrary, very domestic people. Mugs, one word.

Delicatessen Diet

There was no complexes about their forms?

- I have always been the biggest, wherever located. Of course, I wanted to lose weight because of his youth. Diets, multi-day hunger strike - it was. I think that if I had not spent the execution of a can now and would be less. Prirodaobizhaetsya. What is given, it is given. Nothing good in the fullness there, but also tragic. The main thing that was great. My willpower is less than desire. And if you will not, better to accept, accept yourself for what you are, and be moderate in eating just for the sake of health.

And what`s your favorite dish?

- A sausage sandwich. I would only sausage, hot dogs, sausages and ate.

How to pick up clothes?

- To feel comfortable, wear a dress to toe, jackets, capes dark tones. Some people think I`m from the convent, and someone takes as an opera singer.

What`s love?

- I love the variety of stones. However, rarely I wear jewelry, but very much. I can go to a jewelry store and admire the diamonds. Kostya me in the institute gave an engagement ring with a crown and a fragment of a diamond inside. Since then, my most expensive diamond is always with me.

What is missing to be completely happy?

- Seas. Even on television, where commercials are shown, and I see a wave, I just drools. In general, I`m a man-amphibian with a sandwich in hand.

I would like to change something in your life?

- I can not complain - a creative family and the fate of my favors, and I do not get tired of it thanks to God. I am a happy man, though constantly live in fear, because I have something to lose. For some time I was absolutely carefree person. Even when my father died. Fear came when my energetic mother, who always seemed to me to be healthier, died suddenly, while I was on tour. A week before her death, I had a dream: sit grandmother - in the clothes as we were buried. Included mom`s coat unbuttoned, and, smiling, he said to me: "Well, Olga, and all. I have to go". I just had time to ask, "What, no hope," I told my mother this dream and assured her that she will now live a long time. But the dream turned out to be prophetic. Since then I have changed everything. I`m sick with fear the loss of loved ones.

Parents must be very fond of you?

- I do not know who else grew to such love as I have. They were talented: father - a great dramatic actor, mother - a great chtitsa. They gave off a lot of love: to each other, to me, to friends, to life. Perhaps it`s because they know the horrors of war: Dad lived in besieged Leningrad, mother - in the evacuation. They went in one year ...