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Date of Birth: 08/03/1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Natalia Korneeva

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- Actually, I did not want to be an actress, it was not my childhood dream - says Olga. - Moreover, I have a few years left the profession and thought forever. When a son was born, the house sat three and a half years. But it so happened that I had to go back, and today I am very happy.

- Do not you want to become famous?

- No. By nature I am a closed and homebody, never attend public places, do not hang out, I feel good at home. But, as I have already starred in many films, it is necessary from time to time to appear somewhere, I understand that it is necessary, that it is part of my profession.

- How do you choose a role? It depends on the scenario or the name of a director?

- First of all affected by life`s circumstances. I live alone, no one could depend, therefore, at the moment I have the material possibility to refuse to work, I refuse, if this is not possible, it is necessary to work. Making such violence on themselves, I understand that this fee for their independence in life.

- Your needs are high?

- I just do not have to think about what I will have tomorrow. That`s all.

- You are not interested in material possessions? You do not dream of a posh apartment, a bank account, a luxury car ...?

- I recently bought a car, but it is for me not a value, but simply a means of transportation to move around the city, as it were, without leaving your own home and not falling under the power of others, possibly unfavorable to me. I do not want to rush to the shops and carry bags. Before, I always did it, and I know how hard it is. With the machine much easier.

- You do not take your car as a living being, not buying him expensive shampoos, toys?

- Yes you! Never in my life! That I spent money on this? I`m obsessed with the books, so I always need a nest egg to buy books. Reading gives me pleasure.

- What are you reading?

- I find it easier to answer that I do not read. I do not read detective stories, science fiction and contemporary romance novels for women.

- The son also loves to read?

- Nikita - man entirely new time. Mostly I read it. I think it is normal that he is interested in playing a computer game or watching a cartoon on TV. that was not in our childhood. Showed once a week one cartoon. His waiting, waiting, and then two minutes and look happy two weeks. It is a pity, of course, not from books son receives new knowledge, but still good, that now is the time. The main thing, it is the very desire for knowledge. I see that on a set of knowledge today`s children above the level, than we were at their age. The world has changed, the information became available, Pioneer organization no longer takes the guys so much time. I liken his son with him when I was ten years old, and I understand that he is now more cultured and educated than I was then. There is a lack of ideology, which is nowadays much clutter brains.

- You were in the Komsomol?

- No. I came in the Shchukin Theater School in 1991, and of the Young Communist League is no longer remembered. Everything was different.

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