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Date of Birth: 09/05/1981

Age: 35

Place of birth: Astrakhan

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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The winner of the international competition named after Arkady Raikin (2000)


Olga Pavlovets - hereditary actress. Her grandparents have begun the way artists even at the beginning of the twentieth century, and during the war, toured the city together with famous Vakhtangov. Dad, Andrey, for a long time was the leading artist of the Leningrad Youth Theater, starred in many films and serials. My mother, Tatyana, dedicated her life to teaching. She became an assistant professor of speech of the St. Petersburg Academy of Dramatic Arts, he has worked with leading directors in the BDT, at the Youth Theatre in MDT, in the Theater of Satire ...

However, when Olga was born, her parents were young and not yet known. Dad was in the army, and so my mother went to give birth to Astrakhan, to his parents. There, in 1981, great for our country`s celebration of Victory Day, was born continuer acting dynasty Olga Pavlovets.

Olga was 5 months old when his parents moved to Leningrad and moved in with her grandparents on the part of the pope. In the northern capital and the childhood home of the future actress. Learn Olga began in 321-th school - the legendary school, which before the Revolution went to her grandmother. At 9 years old she moved to the newly formed state "Tutti" for musically gifted children "Tutti" School of the Arts, where, along with general subjects studied singing, a professional guitar and piano. During the years of training in "Tutti" Olga Pavlovets constantly participated in concerts, television programs, contests and was a laureate. Ambient marked by the beautiful nature of the deep voice of the young singer.

Years of study

In 1998, after graduating from high school, Olga Pavlovets entered LGTITMIk (now SPbGATI) in the course of IR Shtokbanta, artistic director of the theater "Buff". From the first course she was busy in the productions of the theater, and the fifth has performed leading roles in musicals and plays, "Love Without Borders", "Ball of thieves", "Mandrake". In addition, the aspiring actress starred in small roles in films (TV series "Streets of broken lamps -2" and "NLS Agency") have tried to work in television, led to the live transmission of "Morning yogurt" at the Petersburg channel.

In the third year Pavlovets Olga became the winner of the international competition of performers it. AI Raikin and stipendiatkoy them. AI Raikin.

The first marriage. The first successes in the movie

In 2003, Olga Pavlovets graduated from college and went to Moscow hoping to play in a movie. And she was lucky: the young actress was approved for the lead role in the TV series Nasty "Stiletto 2". Soon, there were changes in his personal life - on the set she met actor Dmitry Shcherbina. They were married, and in April 2005 the couple had a son Prohor. In the future, the joint life of Olga and Dmitry did not work. However, according to Olga, although they separated, but continued to maintain a normal relationship.

After successful work in "stilettos" new proposals began to come to Olga. In 2005-07, she starred in the series "Opera-2. Chronicles of homicide "(Grinyuk)," Stalin.Live "(Olga Chkalov) and" Gangster Petersburg - 9 "(Marina), the comedy" From 180 and above "(Eugene) and a number of other films. In the series "Trial column" Olga Pavlovets starred journalist Darya Ivanova, and one of the main male roles performed the famous actor Daniel Strakhov (investigator for particularly important cases Anton Nikitin). Fears so spoke of his partner in the film "M th most important, the most basic, most-most partner in" Trial "column - this is my" bride "by Olga Pavlovets. The thin, sensitive, talented actress and a very good man. Its St. Petersburg Open, uncomplicated, distinguishes Olu many actresses of Moscow. "

2008-2009 years

Very successful were in the life of Olga Pavlovets 2008-2009, saturated constant flight from one city to another for the filming of movies and TV shows. She again tried on the image of the journalist, this time in a wonderful, life-drama director Oleg Fomin and Pavel Malkov "Afghan ghost", starred in the melodrama Natalia Rodionova and Andrei Selivanov "Its truth" (Zoe), melodrama Roman Prosvirnina "Terror Love" ( Nonna), series "Uprava" (Olga) and "Life, which was not" (Anastasia Guseva). Many well-known masters, which had a chance to work Olga Pavlovets, celebrated her acting skills. For example, Tatiana Dogileva, other young actress has a great future.

One of the highlights of Olga Pavlovets in 2009 was the main role in the TV series "Two Sides of the Same Anna", where her heroine was originally a kind and modest girl Anna Shelyagin, by fate and circumstances surrounding revising their attitude to the world and take the path of revenge. The actress told me that she liked the dynamic development of the plot and the role itself: "Before that, I had a lot of roles, based on the specifics of kakih-to professions. And this is - a new face. Here in the heart of human relationships, it is very important to me. There is love, there is friendship. "

Heroines Olga Pavlovets generally allocated from the general number of movie characters. Often this girl complicated story. Her Angelica from the same movie is being abused by the visiting musicians. Disgraced, unable to endure the ridicule fellow villagers, she went to Moscow in search of offenders ... And in the movie "Monroe" (filmed in the city of Pereslavl) actress appears as a provincial Marilyn Monroe Zina Kudrjashovoj. Beautiful, spectacular, it really looks like a great aktrisui thus does not fit in the wretched situation of railway little station ...


The beginning of 2010 was marked for Olga Pavlovets joyful event - her son was born Makar (actress remarried). Shortly after the birth of her son, she was offered the lead role in the film "Cuckoo" Sergei Al

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