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Date of Birth: 06/12/1949

Age: 66

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Olga Naumenko was born on December 6, 1949 in Moscow in a family of the military. From school girl he decided to be an actress. Parents met the daughter of a decision pretty easy, is not encouraged, but were not particularly mind.

The school Olga Naumenko was a good student, of course favorite subject was literature. She actively participated in amateur performances, he was active in the school propaganda team. Parallel studies involved in the Drama Studio at the Palace of Pioneers in the Lenin Hills. There`s something and it became clear that she chose the right course of life.


Having a long-awaited high school diploma, Olga Naumenko went to do the famous "pike". Deep down, she was sure to enroll in college theater is even more difficult than at MSU, but the other way for us not to see: it will be an actress! From the first time, however, it did not work out, but for the second year Naumenko Olga has already been credited to the students of Theatre School. BV Shchukin.

After graduating from college in 1972, the young actress accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Drama Theater. Gogol. Initially aspiring actress played a minor role, but her talent was quickly noticed, appreciated, and the actress will soon enter into the main part of the troupe. She began to play on the famous stage in leading performances: "And this fool I loved", "Notebook of Trigorin" and "Petersburg", "Carnival" Lambada "and" Tired of happiness. "


After a small role of a schoolgirl in uniform and a black apron in the film "Long day Kolka Pavlyukova" held true debut of Olga Naumenko in cinema.

His film debut in the cult film "Nepodsuden" 1969 actress always seemed just a joke. The Institute ran breathless assistant director, right in the hallway grabbed a young student Olga Naumenko, pulled her to the set, which reigned utter chaos - everyone was shouting, worried and grabs pochemu-to for heavy objects, "burned" implicit shooting iz-za on an episode of any actress. Seeing the newcomer, the director went into hysterics, "Whom do you lead us? Need a simple girl, who sits in a village in the mail. And who is this?" Initially, of course, actress and confused and offended. But then quickly sort, you need to do: go to the bathroom and washed off all cosmetics. The director was satisfied, and Olga Naumenko hit the frame in the role of a cute girl in the village-mail.

This was followed by the role of a serious-minded Albina Savitskaya in a school film "crossed the threshold" of the ninth-graders, the first trials of life, true friendship and first love, directed by Richard Viktorov.

In 1971, the director Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolskiy invited gifted actress for the shooting of the national cinematographic novel "Shadows at Noon" based on the eponymous novel by Anatoly Ivanov, about the fate of several generations of village residents Green Dol since the arrival of the Soviet government to the 50s . Olga Naumenko truthfully, brilliantly reveal the image of the heroine Varka Morozova, daughter Pistimei and Ustin, which has long been under the yoke of power, brutal and bigoted mother, but then still managed to gain and family happiness, and to find a common language with the actor`s reincarnation began odnoselchanami.Znamenatelnym and the role of the bride Moscow Ghali doctor Zhenya Lukashin, brilliantly performed the role of Andrei Myagkova in the New Year lyrical comedy "irony of fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!", the first of the "funny gloomy stories" by Eldar Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky. The image of her character strong, beautiful, strong-willed woman who waited for her Zhenyu, worried, nervous ring up all in a row: "Girl, in which the bath? It is the house bathroom has" Olga Naumenko has demonstrated phenomenal acting opportunities. On the screen in front of the audience and the director appeared a real actress who knew how many, and which was free in the frame.

In his film works Olga Naumenko always gave the impression of his acting game, or if the role is not allowed yet to show their dramatic talent, not less impressive appearance. Graceful Irina Lavrovna Pribytkova, daughter Laura Mironych in the film "The Last Victim" and a charming staff member in the department eldarovskom "office romances".

1978 became fruitful for the actress in the role. She brilliantly played a major role purposeful Faith in partnership with a charming Helen Proklova social kinoromane about the life of young people, which is building a large hydroelectric power station in Siberia "Dove," directed by Vladimir Nazarov. And in the same year successfully he starred in supporting roles wise Olga Ilinichny Panafidin, Panafidin wife, the daughter of the head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the director Albert Mkrtchyan in a detective about the criminals who used the newest medication, "medicine against fear."

Film career Olga Naumenko even so slowly gaining momentum. Actress bright flashed in supporting roles in the historical-revolutionary chronicle "Vladivostok 1918" - a power Loginova, in partnership with the eminent Vasily Bochkarev, sensual Anka social kinoromane director Gennady Karyuk "Warmth of home" and temperamental Alla in the "Bird`s milk".

A notable milestone in the creative kinobiografii Olga Naumenko was and participation in the series. Actress responsible approach to implementation and supporting roles in "holy and sinful" in "Lady Boss" and "Sasha + Masha" and more important in the "nurse" and "Urgent Room-2" in 2008. In the same 2008 Olga Naumenko played a role in the film, which was ugotovlena happy kinosudba "Uprava" and "Just come back!" Critics adequately appreciated the talent and the game Olga Naumenko. About it spoke mainly as a "character actress", with a bright and open temperament, catchy style of play.


1968 Long day Kolka Pavlyukova

1969 Nepodsuden

1970 crossed the threshold of Albina Savitskaya

1971-1974 Shadows at Noon - series

1972 Laura

1973 Black Prince

1973-1983 Eternal Call - series

1975 The Last Victim

1975 Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!

1976 My love is in the third year

1977 Office Romance

1978 medicine against fear

1978 Dove - series

Vladivostok 1982, 1918

1983 Heat of home

1986 Bird`s milk

1994 After the Fall

1999 Saint and sinner - series

2001 Lady Boss - series

2003-2005 Sasha + Masha - series

2006 Friendly Island

2007 You`re the top, bottom, I

2007 Nurse - series

2008 Uprava

2008 Just come back!

2008 Urgent Room 2 - TV series

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