Olga Lusak

Picture of Olga Lusak

Date of Birth: 09/06/1973

Age: 43

Citizenship: Russia


In recent years, the actress has gone through a lot: the betrayal of her husband, divorce. Now she is in love again, a lot of work and big plans.

Author: Inessa Lansky

Website: Celebrities

Olga, what made you successful actress, do theater directing?

- Strong shock after her divorce from the man I loved. It was necessary to get out of this state, get excited about the new business.

Why are all of your performances raise the subject of marriage, love and betrayal?

- I`m in this area acquired a wealth of experience, a lot for himself opened. I have something to say to people. And I really want to help other women avoid what happened to me.

Politseymako financially support you?

- Yes, with the help of lawyers. He gives his son $ 300 a month. We are discussing the issues of further training Nikita. His mother is very helpful, a good Jewish grandmother, I am happy with the way we now communicate.

You have long been with Michael?

- Eight years. Planned child, gave birth to him, and suddenly I found out that he had been a year-affair with our dresser. I can not convey the extent to which he became disgusted with me after that. But I went away from him, not knowing about this novel, just his attitude to me and to his son very much changed. The reason I knew when I heard about the change. He was my beloved, and forgive betrayal, I could not. I remember, that`s when I got behind the wheel. This helped to distract from thoughts that he`s with another woman, I just thought about where I turn - right or left.

You were officially married?

- Yes, I was married once and for all. Misha was a darling, charming, kind, a hurricane of feelings. And recently saw him on TV - face on the entire screen, it has changed a lot.

As you entered the family Farad? Vse-taki different religion ...

- It is not different, they are baptized. But before the wedding, when I asked Misha, whether we get married, he replied: "I voobsche-to at heart a Jew." We lived for eight years prior to the registration, but I do not znala.V Israel, I felt comfortable, I`m all religions normally. If you are going to baptize Nikita, I barely made by Misha convenient day for him. He rushed at the last moment, all disheveled, almost from his mistress. All of this on his conscience. I`m still grateful for such a wonderful child. God will figure out who is right and who is wrong.

Family terrorism - it`s terrible

What is now your son?

- Six years. Name Nikita gave him at Christmastime, he was born on 28 September.

What is the name of Nikita?

- Politseymako. When I learned about the change of Misha, the son wanted to give his last name, but later changed her mind.

Michael assured me that you wanted to give the name of Nikita Farad.

- It is not true. Michael agreed to do what I, a girl from the provinces, especially pregnant, since he - the son of Farad. The bolder the lie, the more it seems to be more truthful. Politseymako - a good name, and the fathers do not choose.

The son of an interest in your profession?

- He recently brilliantly played the role of merchants in the play about Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka. Initially, he was given the role of a kid, but he said he did not want to be a kid, because he was going to kill. For Nikita I am calm, as well as for the woman to be with him. He - the absolute man.

Nikita communicates with his father?

- This year, Michael invited him to meet with the New Year. But the son did not want to, he said: "I salute and the yard is full." I was pleased that he chose me, but I sincerely wanted him to meet New Year`s with his father.

Nikita`s father saw performances?

- Of course not. Do you think these jokes are below the belt, you can show your child? It is horror, I watched the first act, and left.

Michael kogda-nibud raised a hand to you?

- Unfortunately yes. Then I ran to the police, wrote a statement. We can not tolerate this. In my family there was never such a father my sister adored. Family terrorism - it`s terrible, I know a lot of stories.

With dressers easier

Many have written that your relationship with Michael`s parents were far from ideal. Now something has changed?

- Previously, there were conflicts, they sided with the son, now everything is fine. I was very offended at them, because they betrayed me when I was a small child in her arms.

Why do you not fight for their own happiness?

- It was wildly unfair to me, but I`m not a fighter in life. The husband periodically reproached me that, say, too clever. Its very strained when I went to graduate school. Of course, with dressers deal easier ...

Michael said in an interview that his new wife - the actress ...

- She`s wardrobe mistress, and a day did not work as an actress. Michael, of course, could fall in love with another woman, but he lied to me for a year. I can never justify it, because her fault Nikita growing up without a father. I really do not like it when she says Nikita: "I - your second mother."

You congratulated Michael on the birth of a child?

- No, I will not do that. We talk only about Nikita.

Michael bought an apartment?

- No, they live with their parents. I told him more than once said: "We are family, let alone live." But he insisted that it can only live with his mother and father.

Mike has often said that he is I bought an apartment, but it`s not true. I myself ran at the car, and I was given an apartment in the Taganka Theater.

After the divorce, you did not treat men worse?

- No, of course, and now I am very happy. I am pleased, as my beloved belongs to my son. He is not an actor, but it`s good. For many years we know, Nikita tells me: "Well, let it be my dad," but while calling him by name. And Nikita is often asked: "Mom, Rodi me a brother or sister!" I really want to give birth to another child. Now here`s sister came to visit me with children, and it is such a joy.

You could adopt a child?

- I often think about it. My mother works in a children`s home, so I know firsthand about these kids. The people working there, the characters, as well as those who have fathered children.

Romanov was not

The second time will formalize the relationship?

- I think it is necessary, although the institution of marriage, I`m not trembling. While we lived Politseymako unpainted, everything was fine, once married, things went awry.

You are invited to conduct a program on TV?

- Yes, on TNT in "ex-wives club" tried, but took Leroux Kudryavtsev. Television I love.

You novels appeared on the set?

- I have the exterior sex bomb, and education is another. A rare director who does not incite me, but office romances never was. Although I am an amorous man once walked away from a divorce, looked around and was amazed: "Oh, how much, it turns out, men around!"

It happened to the director suggested a role for certain services?

- It is when I got the role and started shooting, "Come, have dinner. Enter the number porepetiruem ... "But I refused. Lead me in a different way, it would long ago have become a superstar.

In your performances are common curse words. How about that?

- Normally, this is the language of the people. I hate hypocrisy. I love intelligent mat. We use these words in your life, and the theater, as a mirror reflects life.

Where you shoot lately?

- In the movie "Kruzhovnik" directed by Arvo Iho. And Vladimir Mirzoyev in the film "The man who knew everything." As a director, preparing for two new productions.