Olga Lomonosova

Picture of Olga Lomonosova

Date of birth: 18.05.1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: Donetsk

Citizenship: Russia


Olga Lomonosov was born in Donetsk, the builder of the family. Mama Oli was an economist. By 1986, with his family Olga moved to Kiev, where her father was transferred. Even in Donetsk Olga began gymnastics. Coaches celebrated her excellent flexibility. In Kiev, we took her to the school of Olympic reserve Albina Deryuginoy.Tam she became a candidate for master of sports. Natalia E. University (mother Olga Lomonosova) always dreamed of a career of a ballerina, but was able to realize this desire only daughter. In 1998, Olga entered the Kiev Ballet School. Before that, Olga tried to go to St. Petersburg Vaganova School, but there it was not accepted.

In Moscow, Olga had gone when I first fell in love in 1997.

Arriving in Moscow young girl toured danced. After an injury, she received during a tour in France, arrived in the WTU them. Shchukin on course Rodion Ovchinnikov. Contrary to fears of a girl, she passed the entrance exam is easy, even past the second round.

In the privacy of Olga Lomonosova already held one failed marriage, which the actress is now trying not to remember.

Today Olga University officially became a Muscovite, lives in Moscow with her beloved man Paul Safonovym.Snimaetsya in films, plays in the Theater. Vakhtangov. Recently, Oli had a daughter who was named Varya.


Roles in Theater

Theatre. Vakhtangov

"Lovely people" - Natalia Petrovna

"Lear" (Cordelia)

"Don Juan and Sganarelle"


"Midsummer Night`s Dream" - Hermia

Roles in movies

"Death Tairov"


2003 - My Prechistenka (Two love)

`Children of the Arbat "

"New Man"

"One shade for two"

"9 months"

"Goddess of prime time"

"The Red Room"

"Not Born Beautiful"