Olga Koposova

Picture of Olga Koposova

Date of Birth: 03/28/1970

Age: 46

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Author: Eugene Kudryats

Website: Celebrities

The series "Next", which is demonstrated on the First Channel, they watch television viewers in many countries since 2007 year. The role of the headmistress FES (Federal Expert Service) Galina Rogozina performs actress Olga Koposova who answered the questions of our correspondent.

Olga, what are the criteria you have chosen your future profession?

- You know, I did not choose, and she chose me! Dobasketbolnom In my childhood I have always chosen to concerts - I sang, even though it was notorious and pinched. My sister, at the time - also very squeezed girl, stuttered, and then for her to speak or perform before an audience - just a nightmare. She always huddled in a corner. I was also a bit notorious, but I wanted to sing, and when I got into the basketball team, all the time someone parodied, and I do not say - "The actress, actress!". When I finished school, I certainly thought that you could go to the artist, but at the time, my parents divorced, and her mother married the actor who told me that there is bound to need a pull. After school I did not immediately went to the actress, I took a collection of universities, in which you can do and can do any! But what - did not know the life of me! And given the fact that I was a basketball player, it is only because of this could go to any institution! I first came to the Gubkin Institute, then - in the mountain, but do not get any points, since no one has explained to me at the time, that just at my age came a situation where school scores have value. And I had a fundamental nonsense - I know in the four and five do not want to! I am therefore in several subjects the teacher offered to get five, but I refused, and I had fours more than fives, but there were no triples. When I came to college, I do not repeatedly do not get gde-to by half a point, so I thought, "God be with them!" And went to work in kakuyu-to computer company.

And where did your acting career start?

- When I was 18, I was invited for the first time in the cinema, it happened just at the prom school basketball. Directed by Samson Samsonov, who filmed "8th Wonder of the World" invited me to shoot. He then made a film "Restless", and from our school invited a few girls, and me in particular, but not in the first place. That`s how I accidentally came to this director, and he says: "You have such an invoice!". I asked chto-to read, sing, - I revered, sung. I starred in one episode, and then - in the second. Then I was invited to kakie-to role - large or small, and I thought, "What am I to do? I`m working, so it is necessary to kuda-to do! ". And I handed over the documents in parallel in music and theater. The music took me on vocals, so I thought, "God be with him - a theater! Anyway, in the movie, then shoot! ". I should not think so, then I really did not have acting education! Sometimes I felt like I was squeezed, but with me working actors who have graduated from universities actor, who told me that I - well done. Maybe I said to myself finding fault, and it seemed to me that I do not have a theatrical experience. I do a lot of a dig, but that`s not it. I graduated from music college, which now bears the name of Alfred Schnittke. At first the movie was as a hobby - advertising clips. And I had a baby, sitting at home as a housewife, my husband was earning money while I was cooking borscht, and I friends say that now the soil is beneficial for the actors - in the series is removed a huge number of artists. And that, I have to go and say - take me? I was in all the file cabinets, but I pochemu-to name only advertising and suddenly invited to "Next". I am already tired of that one comes, they give you a sign, you say - Fifty-sixth! You asked: "Say cheese! Raise your hands, turn around! Tell anecdote! Bye!". And - by! And then they call me and say, "Why did not you come?", And I had a child to the clinic. I say:

- I could not!

- We`ve been expecting you!

- What do you mean! I will come tomorrow!

As far as I know, you initially auditioned for another role - pathologist Antonova. Why in the role eventually went to the head of FES to you?

- Yes, at first I actually auditioned for the role Antonova. I do not know why it happened. Simply Alexander Levin saw something in me - some rigor. We were with him in the interview to "Echo of Moscow", and there he said: "There was a very large casting and all did not fit, but I wanted a smart, beautiful, but strict, just like TE Koposov! To believe that this woman may lead, to attract attention. " I do not know how it happened, it seems to me that this kakie-to otherworldly forces, because, in fact, I already then became depressed and thought: "Why am I not shoot?" And close cine people - actors and directors - I said it. And why I got on the "Next" - is unclear. I was not on file "Telekastinga" I was invited by a completely different company. This is - a gift of fate, and I still think so, so I patiently removed and the whole was kept and is still incredibly grateful to fate, to the producer, because we all make common cause, but in any case, I always dreamed of a movie, and I always thought I should be constantly in shape. I have always followed the sport shape of the face, the figure, so as not to get fat. Another thing is that theater actors - always in the Exercises, they - the performances, and I do not have enough. When they called me and said they approved, but not on the Antonov, and Rogozin, for me it was unexpected, as the Antonov I tried twice, the first test - dry and the second - more emotional. And I knew that Rogozin - is the boss. I have not seen as the main character, for me, all six characters - are equal. Yes, she`s the boss, but it does not mean that Galina - main, as in "Cops" - "Amanita". It - not the main, but just the boss. I, too, as it is perceived, but realized that instead domohozyayskoy I begin a completely different life, and it should also be solved. I immediately called her mother in law, my husband (then we have lived with him) and said:

- That is such garbage! I was approved!

Of course, I was shocked, and I`m really scared. There were some trying on costumes, preparing, rehearsing. My husband said:

- You were never a boss and you do not know the federal laws!

And I do not know if I can handle or not. And I, of course, it`s nice, I do not know how it happened - whether it was in the exact hit me in my character, facial expressions, gestures, and I can iz-za excitement so tried. In fact, I do not speak with one voice, that hit - 100%! And another Rogozin can not even imagine. It`s nice, so I hold on to this role, I love her character and this series. It is a pity that we have in the film-making process a lot of chaos, people across the street, and even some of the actors are "Following" dismissive. I`m still very serious about this role and to the series, because for me it - ALL, though, except for the series "Next," I still have a son and a house!