Olga Kochetkova

Picture of Olga Kochetkova

Date of Birth: 07/11/1960

Age: 43

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Olga walked in the footsteps of parents and graduated from the acting department GITIS. Her diploma work was a solo performance on a story by Ivan Bunin "Henry", where she played all three female roles.

Soon, Olga played a starring role in her mother "Forgive me, Alyosha." Lyrics for the film and wrote Olga Kochetkova. Songs Olga began writing early - the first in the school, a student years-song to passages friends, romantic ballads. This talent and it will determine the future of the actress. group "S" was established in 1990, and whose leader was Olga. In an ironic observation of the musicians: "Olga Kochetkova, the most important in our pesochnitse.Pishet poetry, music, singing, playing on any Baubles, Bon-gah, sometimes the guitar or flute." In the same year, Olga released a double solo album "Pilach".

Athanasius Ivanovich Kochetkov, coming to her daughter in the suburban barley, often found her dead drunk. Trying to get rid of alcohol addiction, Olga began to sing in the church, and soon became the leader of the choir in the church Perlovskaya icon of Our Lady of the Don. But caught on pozdno.Smert mother summer of 2002 provoked a sharp worsening of a chronic illness. Olga, died of pancreatic necrosis Afanasevna provoked by chronic alcoholism on 4 March 2004.