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Date of birth: 03.04.1986

Age: 30

Birthplace: Volgograd

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Ivolgina Olga was born in Volgograd, in the family, has no relation to the cinema. As a child, the girl did not even think about the movie. The biggest passion was her horse. Perhaps the love for him came after trips to the countryside, where Olga was leaving for the summer with relatives. I love for horses Olga remained to this day. Later the girl professionally mastered riding skills while studying in Sweden (Riding School).

Olga grew up a gifted child. She graduated from music school, flute, studied singing, drawing. She painted it well, that was the reason to go after fifth grade in the architectural school. There Olga successfully studied, interned in the Volgograd State Architectural Academy, in a word, prepared to become an architect. Everything changed in the 9 th grade ...

My friend Olga was cast in a school photo models and mannequins, which was conducted in several stages, and preparing for the solemn enrollment. Olga came to support her. There`s something to the girl noticed chairwoman of the agency and offered to stay. After several months of training (sessions held 3 times a week), Olga and a few girls left the agency to work, but her friend, alas, no.

Some time Olga had given modeling business. Fashion, photo shoots ... At first, she worked with the Volgograd agency, then with the Moscow agency "President". However, she realized that "life" Centerfolds ephemeral. We had to choose a serious profession, and Olga decided to turn to the cinema ...

Choosing a profession

Actor Olga data showed from early childhood. For example, she expertly parodied their favorite characters from domestic cartoons. Later, in high school, the girl took part in amateur productions, performed in the Youth Theatre. However, in spite of its appearance, it was drawn to play at all romantic heroines, and typical, male characters.

In 2002, Olga Ivolgina arrived in Moscow. Her first attempt was unsuccessful: Set in the college theater already ended, and the preparation of the future actress was not very good. But Olga has always distinguished stubborn character. Already a "diseased" cinema, he firmly decided to link their lives with acting.

Left in the capital, Olga during the year attended acting courses at VGIK. True VGIK her pass and did not succeed, but in the WTU them. BV Woman took Shchukin. And this despite the fact that the competition was around 280 people in the place!

Case Will

In the movie, Olga Ivolgina began while still a student, with the episodes. She starred in the films of famous directors Kira Muratova ( "Tuner"), Vera Watchdog ( "Love me"), in the famous TV series "Happy Together" and OE

It is known that the acting profession often depends on the case. Here and in the life of Olga`s case played a role. Kak-to time she was invited to audition for one of the films. Olga came to the studio and ... messed up the door! Not suspecting anything, she talked for ten minutes with the director of an action painting "Children of a white goddess." Only later, when the girl called to trial, where she waited, Olga realized her mistake.

However, as it later turned out, the error brought the actress luck. The film was originally supposed it was never approved, but the creators of the "Children of the white goddess" Olga liked. So she had her first major movie role - played by Kate Olga bride, deputy prosecutor Herman Goranina (Kirill Grebenshchikov).

The case has led Olga Ivolgina and on set detective melodrama "Provincial". The shooting took place near the house of Olga, and, looking back, she met a friend of director Artem Nasybulina. He then entrusted to the actress a small role student Natasha.

In the same 2008 Olga Ivolgina starred in the comedy-detective story "The Adventures of notary Neglintseva" together with famous actors Bochkin Igor and Eugenia Dobrovolsky.

sold like hot cakes

Recently, Olga Ivolgina very busy. Due to external data, which it has generously endowed nature, she took part in "Miss Muscovy" competition in 2008. The same external data, coupled with the acting talent, let it be popular cinema. So only in 2009 Olga Ivolgina starred in six films. Among them - the first joint Russian-Chinese TV series "The last secret of the Master."

In this tragicomedy detective with a sharp plot, a lot of tricks from the Chinese masters of Kung Fu, loving relationships and exciting secrets, in addition to well-known Russian actor Viktor Loginov, Victor Dobronravov and Yegor Pazenko was involved star of Chinese cinema Chen Xiaochun. The heroine Olga Ivolgina became Monica - bodyguard, "the King", the champion of sniper attacks. The actress has created a vivid image of a strong woman in the spirit of the characters Angelina Jolie.

The series is still in the production stage was bought by the leading European TV channels. It is expected to increase interest in him and the Russian audience.

In addition to filming a movie, Olga Ivolgina is currently studying for a producer. What is the advantage in her life: acting or producer activity - time will tell.


2004 Adjuster (Ukraine)

2005 Love Me

2005-2006 Not Born Beautiful - series

2006-2008 Happy Together - series

2007 Travelling with Pets

2007 A strange land

2007 Love - not a show-business - series

2008 To steal ...

2008 Provincial - series

2008 Kids white goddess - series

2008 Adventures of a notary Neglintseva - series

2009 Last Secret Master (Russia-China) - series

2009 paradox

2009 Mission: Prophet (Russia-USA)

2009 Berlin-Moscow express (Russia-Germany)

2009 Spring is coming

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