Olga Efremova

Picture of Olga Efremova

Date of Birth: 08/07/1987

Age: 29

Citizenship: Russia

You would not marry an actor!

Author: Valeria Rodionova

Website: Celebrities

"Cruel Intentions" continued extreme TV show on Channel One. Among the brave men who risked to take part in the ordeal, which took place in Argentina - actress Olga EFREMOVA. Our correspondent spoke with a brave girl on the TV show, her roles in theater and film, as well as the famous dynasty of Ephraim, she is a continuer.

Olga, you were on that walk, agreeing to participate in the TV show?

- To understand what I have to, I went to the MOE training ground, where the participants were tested. And I realized that I could take the risk, even though it was very difficult: constant stress, fatigue. At one stage of the competition Nikita Presnyakov injured shoulder. I also went, back dolechivatsya in Moscow. All the same, I am terribly happy that I got this project. And grateful to the Vakhtangov Theatre for being released for a whole month.

You are busy with the theater?

- I play in the third part of the Baroness Strahl in the play "Masquerade". In the first part in this role - Lydia Velezheva and Marina Yesipenko. "Women`s Coast" is also engaged in the play. In the theater I come only at the rehearsal, I do not like buffet gatherings, gossip.

You were born in the great theatrical family. The choice of profession was not?

- Logically, I had to enter the Moscow Art Theater, but for a long time hesitated, was not sure at all that I want to become an actress. When I finished school, my brother was killed. (Oleg Efremov, Jr. was hit by a train -. VR) This all the misfortune knocked out of the rut, but still had to vybiratprofessiyu. And I decided to enter the theater. The Shchukin School gained the course Vladimir Ivanov - one of the best teachers, and in the MAT - Alexei Guskov. And I, of course, chose the pike. And then we were invited to the graduation performance "White acacia" in the Vakhtangov Theatre.

beloved uncle to drink once

Tell about your family...

- Mother Anastasia Efremova, the daughter of my great grandfather Oleg Efremov - drama critic, it is in the STD aide Alexander Kalyagin. Dad, Andrey Nesterov - businessman. He studied at the Shchukin School, but did not graduate, received a second education - economic, he went into business. Grandmother Irina Mazuruk - screenwriter and teacher VGIK. The elder brother Oleg was killed, he was only 21 years old. I also have a younger brother, Vincent, he is 15 years old, he wears his father`s name. Grandmother - Alla Pokrovskaya, uncle - Mikhail Efremov. I am very fond of his cousin Nikita Efremov, we grew up together in the country, he is very handsome, charismatic actor.

Mikhail Efremov, for anybody is not a secret, often drinks. The family did not prevent him from trying to kak-to addiction?

- I love him very much, Michael - a brilliant actor, insanely talented. Rumors about his drinking too inflated journalists. He has until the summer there is no free day, all painted, permanent recording, besides his six children, and he cares about all. Drink is not reflected on his work, on the contrary, directors love him and as an artist and as a person.

Why do you have my mother`s surname - Ephraim?

- I was named after my grandfather, Olga, Oleg Kaki my older brother. Wear this name - a great pride. When I was 15, my parents divorced.

I heard that you are now filming the movie by the controversial book by Sergei Minaev "Duhless".

- Yes, the main role is played by Daniel Kozlowski, a prototype of my character - Uliana Zeitlin, with whom I am on friendly terms and in real life.

Abramovich and Zhukova preparing for the wedding

You are interested in society socialite?

- Why not? The so-called socialites - bright women, they are intelligent, well-read. Not all of them are looking for millionaires, many themselves from very wealthy families, they have a good education, have children.

You replaced Ulyana her girlfriend Ksenia Sobchak?

- They are still friendly, Xenia - godmother son Ulyana Savvochki. Just do not occur as often as before: Ksenia a lot of work.

Juliana told that her mansion on the ruble - is a gift to the fan. How do you feel about such presents?

- Great, it`s free! If a man wanted to teach him what is wrong with that?

And you are personally familiar with the oligarchs?

- Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Prokhorov, I saw in the events, but personally not familiar with them. However, other examples I know that the oligarchs do not just become. It is extraordinary, talented men. Take, for example, Sasha Mamut - extremely intelligent, educated, kind man.

The place of his wife after Chukhray Nastya, Alyona Akhmadullina and Tanya Arno is free. You do not want to try to become the new Madame Mamut?

- We were just good friends, nothing more. Seen on festivals, we have mutual friends - actors, that`s all. Prosperity man for me - not the most important, much more important to get close to him feel comfortable. Of course, in my life I was wealthy fans, which pleased me insane gifts, travel. In Courchevel I, however, I did not go, I do not like zaglamurennye place. At the moment I do not have the man she loved.

Communicate with Dasha Zhukova at social events?

- She`s after his son`s birth a little time spent in Russia. Now, as I`ve heard, they Abramovich ready for the wedding.

Novels on set have happened?

- Were but not partners on the film and on the operators. Never marry an actor, it is a profession in which demand fidelity and devotion difficult.

Among the colleagues you have close friends?

- Lisa Boyars and Maxim Matveev. With Lisa, I starred in the film "Luna Luna", and with Maxim - in the "dudes". I was glad of the novel. It is a pity that Max was not available then. But knowing Lisa, I can say that it is - not one of those women who take away other people`s husbands. The decision took Maxim, he is - a strong man and not once thought before parting with his wife. What can I do when the big love comes? Lisa now spends much time in Moscow, as Maxim rehearsing in MAT, we often meet.


* EFREMOVA Olga was born on August 7, 1987.

* Starred in films and television series "Kadetstvo", "cop-in-law," "Emergency call", "dudes", "Red", "Luna Luna" and others.