Olga Blok-mirimskaya

Picture of Olga Blok-mirimskaya

Date of Birth: 09/01/1954

Age: 62

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Inessa Lansky

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I heard you are friends with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. That she invited you to play Vicki Prutkovskaya sister in "My Fair Nanny"?

- Yes, Anastasia begged me terribly, and I agreed to play in the same series. This day was a memorable one. Their "Hollywood" is on Proletarka, go out iz-za congestion is impossible, and in the evening I had a show. I carried from the shooting jogging, sneaker lost, forgotten fee in an envelope at the studio. Shot in the subway - by car would be late for sure, all in the makeup, the people turns and looks. To get to the center, run on Chistye Prudy, theater performance did not start without me ...

After the case decided, everything can only be removed in the free play day.

By the way, it is true that tobacco Zavorotnyuk fired just after she did not come to the show iz-za filming?

- She has not been fired, she went by herself. It so happened that she was not reminded of the play. Nastia while particularly large shot, but because it has become a recognizable and that the acting profession is important. Of course, wrongly, that her personal life is presented for all to see. But it is not my fault, error committed her ex-husband, who began to give interviews. I am from him did not expect, it looks nice, good-looking. When I lived in the textile workers, and they in Vykhino, they often dovozili me home. Actually, I`m glad for Nastia, she proved what really stands. Kak-to I was at a film festival, so when she come, the people rushed to it. And all of our "stars" somehow just "blown away". Standing, envy, pootvorachivalis, lit. None of the actors, except for me, not even went to Nastya.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk soon give birth

Can you blame her ex-husband Dmitry Stryukova? After all, it hurt his male ego, twisting affair with Zhigunov.

- Before every novel we somehow together with her went to Peter in the same compartment as she sobbed all night. So, not everyone in the family has been smooth. Of course, Dima fought for their happiness, but such methods ... Love triangle - a difficult thing. He was hurt, I think he Nastia still loves.

They say that you helped Anastasia to find her star image in the "Nanny" ...

- We sat with her 12 years in the same dressing room, constantly Hochma. Mother dear! (The voice of the actress heard the nurse Vicky notes.) Nastia - excellent hearing, perhaps something she brought me into her character.

By the way, she had never done any plastic surgery, whatever wrote. On the contrary, even slightly recover wanted. My daughter Lina is very friendly with Nastya, hung in his room a picture of her when Nastia even a star was not.

Now you`re dealing with Zavorotnyuk?

- Not often, no one no. But Nastia invited me to the wedding, there were all participants of the "Ice Age". In general, they celebrated a few days, she did not hurt - no parents, no friends.

Many thought that her wedding with Peter Chernyshev - PR, because this love she had with Zhigunov.

- In life anything can happen, and I like Zhigunov. And Peter remarkable. They Nastya look like brother and sister. He`s the kind of guy a gold - a clever, bright, beautiful.

Marry a woman with two children - a feat.

- So what? He - the secured man. In addition, in the United States I lived a long time, and there`s often adopt children. Nastia - wonderful kids.

She is young, pretty, has made a career, so that will give birth to another, we do not observe. In their family affection is very strong.

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You have 30 years married to architect Vladimir Mirimsky. What is the secret of such a happy marriage?

- Maybe that I`m her husband never asked, "Where have you been?" I have no jealousy gene. When we met, Mirimsky was already cool: the car, the house. But I`m also not from a poor family. My dad obeyed all the Crimea, he was the director of the plant "Krymstroy", and my mother - the director of the trade association.

I had a large variety of suitors, but I stuck to strict rules and have not seen decent men around. Solid prostitutes in the pants. I love true.

Your daughter Angelina Mirimskaya now a lot of roles in cinema ...

- Yes, I went to Lena, I`m good at any picture, and so did she. It is quite in demand: "Men are from Mars," "Substitute instinct `... Now Lina removed Mikhalkov in" Burnt by the Sun-2 ". Lin recently left the theater Tabakov decided to go to the free swimming.

You feel you are very caring mother.

- I generally up to 11 years carried her in his arms out of the shower to the bed. I loved my daughter and I will love. I did not want her to become an actress. And now very glad that she graduated from GITIS, course Mark Zakharov.

Lina has not yet married. She`s in love with someone?

- She`s a great choice, about five contenders for the hand and heart. But I do not climb into the personal life of the daughter.

Newcomers go to the stars

You are almost 20 years, serving in "Snuff". Oleg Tabakov helps its artists?

- Of course. Zhenya Mironov apartment once gave Volodya Mashkov. Moolah young actors throws, but then again not all. There is a fee for talent.

In Mashkov was a wonderful performance at the Moscow Art Theater -