Olga Benario Prestes

Picture of Olga Benario Prestes

Date of Birth: 02/12/1908

Age: 34

Place of birth: Munich

Citizenship: Germany


It comes from a wealthy family of German legal social democratic orientation and Jewish origin Leo Benard, who had his own law office in Munich. Olga was the second child in the family, received a liberal education. Reading the Acts of the trials in which the defense as her father was, very early on got involved in socialist and communist political mood of the times of the Weimar Republic. In 1923, Kim joined. Researchers say early in her biography form a strong character, idealistic tendencies and determination of Olga. At age 15, she has already occupied a leading position in the German Union of Communist Youth. Bavarian police estimated it as "communist agitator".

Olga and Otto Braun

In 1926, Olga left the parental home in Munich and moved to Berlin, where he works actively in the Communist Party and became one of the leaders of the Communist Youth of the Berlin district of Neukolln. There she meets a communist activist with experience of underground fighting work of Otto Braun and falls in love with him.

Police arrested both of them on charges of "high treason Training" (German: