Olga Belyaeva

Picture of Olga Belyaeva

Date of Birth: 06/22/1964

Age: 35

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

Website: Celebrities

Olga Belyaeva was born in a small village in a working family. Girl with a childhood dream to become an actress. After high school, she went to Moscow, and from the first time entered GITIS. Returning home for documents and things, Olga announced the glad tidings to parents. However, the daughter did not believe, or fear of depraved morals of the capital, just pretended they did not believe. Whatever it was, back in the capital, it does not let go ...

Olga was a stubborn girl. A year later, she ran away from home in the Kamensk-Ural and settled there to work in the local theater. Kamensk-Uralsky girl long delayed. With experience, she went to Sverdlovsk and enrolled in drama school.

Belyaev and Astrakhan

While in the Sverdlovsk Theatre School she taught aspiring film director Dmitry Astrakhan. He drew attention to a beautiful student, began courting ney.Blagodarya support Astrakhan Olga Belyaeva parallel with studies began to work in the local drama theater, where she got the main role in the controversial play "The Witches". Soon, Olga Belyaeva, Dmitry Astrakhan married ...

In 1987, Belyaev and Astrakhan moved to Leningrad (now - St. Petersburg). There the couple had a son, Paul.

Roles in the movie

Debuting in the film as a student, Olga Belyaeva long time performed small roles on the screen. Fame it came only in 1995 with the release of the famous melodrama of her husband, "All will be well." To the sparkling, parody and kitsch comedy melodrama Olga Tamara Samsonov played, the troubled wife of an alcoholic Andrew.

If the picture Dmitry Astrakhan "Everything will be fine," became famous in the present, his other job - a fantastic melodrama "The Fourth Planet", filmed, among other things, in the same year - he was deprived of the viewer`s attention. It`s a pity. Indeed, according to many, this film is much stronger. The subject was taken from the famous "The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury, but has been redesigned and adapted to Russian reality. The result is a very powerful film that makes the viewer think.

In "The Fourth Planet" Olga Belyaeva played a major role in a single film - graduate school Tanya. Of course, the 31-year-old actress does not look 17 years old (as was her heroine). But, strange to say, while watching the movie did not have thoughts about her age - she looked so natural in the frame.

Unfortunately, many of these bright and large works in this talented actress in the movie was not. In the next four years, Olga Belyaeva starred starring Lucy in the melodrama "Crossroads", the hotel confused Gavrilova in the action comedy "The thin little thing," and the familiar Wasi in one of the series "The Streets of Broken Lamps" ...

The tragic finale

Family life Olga Belyaeva and Dmitry Astrakhan did not work. The couple divorced Olga was left alone with his son. In May 2000 there was a terrible tragedy. At night, in the house where lived the actress fire broke out. Waking up from a strong burning smell, Olga tried to escape with his son from the burning door. Son she had saved, but she died 10 days later from severe burns in hospital ...


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