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Date of birth: 08.05.1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia



Potashinskaya Olesya was born in 1973 in Leningrad. In fact, the parents named their daughter Olga, but her name did not like the way something closer Olesya. So it all and call. As a child, Olesya was terrible fidget. She was a couple of years, when the country in April, she went through a hole in the fence to the river. Brought girly neighbor. A year in four Olesya Potashinskaya failed to hatch - behind parents, came to the door, and went back ... with his head under water ... Thank God, once pulled ...

And little Olesya very afraid of nuclear war. In the third class in the classroom singing Japanese folk were practicing a song dedicated to the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - "Cherry blossoms" ... It was gde-to in the 82-83 year, while all specifically trained as a nuclear war, in masks ran. .. She was afraid that at any moment start the bombing, and not all are willing to ...

And the rest Olesya Potashinskaya was, like all normal girl. There was a third junior level in swimming, but began sinusitis of chlorine in the pool. Then, figure skating, and with great success - the girl even going to take in the Olympic pool. Parallel to this, Olesya worked in theater school. And when the hour has come to choose between sports and art, Olesya bent to the second ...


In 1994, Olga Potashinskaya graduated GITIS, workshop Oleg Tabakov, after which the young actress was invited to the theater "Nikitsky Gate" Mark Rozovsky. On its stage, she played the role of Lisa in "Poor Liza" by Karamzin, Adeline in "Fan-fan tulip" Faith in the "Duck Hunt" on Vampilov, Varya in Chekhov`s "The Cherry Orchard", Sonia Marmeladov in the play "Murderer" at F.M.Dostovskogo novel "Crime and punishment."

Currently, the actress is working with independent theater projects. One of these works - role in director Valery Storchak play "Plato Latin America."


In the movie, Olga Potashinskaya came during the so-called malokartinya. Her debut as a photo model in the May miniteleseriale "Strawberries" by the idea of ??Andrei Samsonov. Cheesy comedies, anecdotes from the Moscow family, which owns a small cafe ...

Then the director Gregory of Constantinople invited Potashinskuyu for the lead female role in the film "8 1/2 $ (Eight and a half dollars)," the script Dunya Smirnova and Sergey Krylov. In this comedy extravaganza with elements of melodrama and kitsch Olesya Potashinskaya played Matilda - beloved Mafioso (by Fyodor Bondarchuk), who ordered the cinematic masterpiece bohemian director of commercials, the famous Don Juan Hera cream (a brilliant role Ivan Ohlobystina).

Active in the movies Olesya start in the new millennium. Litvinov in "Kamenka" Sonya "Agent of National Security" Bringing in "Streets of Broken Lamps" bride Irina in the movie "On the move" Elena "stilettos" ... Step by step, the role of the role of Olesya won their Potashinskaya position in the Russian cinema. A notable work was the role of Natasha Alisova military detective Alexei Muradov`s "Man of War", released in theaters in 2005. In turn, new movies, new roles ... Who knows, maybe the actress will be able in the near future to become a star of the big screen.

Author: Sonya Alexander

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