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Hello. Please tell us the history of the emergence rutube.ru service. What events have contributed to the creation of the project?

A-Team, has created rutube.ru, works in IT almost 7 years, and on account of its many accomplishments of high complexity projects.

We believe our prototype video service site l-vision.ru, which we created in 2005. At that time nobody talked about the boom in online video, and we have already offered their users download videos of all formats, recording webcam, microphone and a desktop, placement of clips on blogs and video chat. For Runet it was probably premature undertaking, and we had not yet come to the use of compulsory ingredient of success in online video - Flash. But RuTube - a completely new development, both technologically and conceptually.

When rutube.ru celebrating his birthday?

-Day Birth, we have never celebrated.

But we can say that it will be somewhere in the beginning of October, when we launched it`s website rutube.ru.

rutube.ru always existed in its present form, design and format? Can you recall the main stages of development rutube.ru?

-RuTube In its current form and design finally took shape in November 2006.

At first, we just offered downloading and viewing of movies based on Flash. In December there was a function of recording movies with a webcam, and with it, and write and send videootkrytok.

Immediately after the break, in mid-January, we added a very useful feature for our users - a reference to the original version of the movie and 3gp for download on mobile.

A little later, we have introduced a very unique opportunity for video services - videofrendlentu, where you can easily keep track of updates.

Already in February, appeared on our website and radio channels O2TV television channel. And it can be called a milestone in the development of the service. This unique service, and we will continue to develop and expand this trend.

The next step was our affiliate program with which any site can create their own video section just three steps.

Tell us about your affiliate program in more detail. What she may be interested webmasters?

-The Main point: the owner of the site saves time and money.

If he uses our software, it does not need to look for videos to display them on your site: video content taken from RuTube. The owner does not need to pay for additional servers to store video, and do not need to pay for killing traffic - video terabytes. And, of course, the webmaster is relieved of all cares for interface development.

To make yourself a small video section on the site will take several weeks for something more substantial - months. And with the API RuTube is done in a few hours.

Whether you are focused on the development rutube.ru some similar services? What, in your opinion, is not enough existing services? The rutube.ru stands out from the competition?

We`re closely following everything that happens in the field of online video, both abroad and in RuNet.

Innovative ideas are more "out", but at home we have been and remain one of the first for new useful services and services.

Among the interesting features RuTube, which competitors do not have, it is mentioned: video recording webcam, organizing clips in playlists, automatic posting to their blogs, the creation of virtual channels, friends list rollers friends, user rating, stimulating spread more interesting movies and such it would seem a trifle as promotka back and forth during playback. That is not necessary to wait until the movie is downloaded in its entirety to understand that you do not like. For the Russian audience is a very important function.

You do not mind the similarity of your name with a famous western YouTube project? Can you talk about some kind of influence on the development of YouTube RuTube functions?

-Of Course, the name of the selected Rutube.ru like Youtube consciously. In late 2006, the progressive part runetchiki already knew that on youtube.com, you can put your videos on the Internet.

RuTube.ru makes it plain: we have at least the same, only in Russian, and even taking into account Russian specifics and interests of users.

But Rutube.ru - not a copy! We took the best elements from other services and is always ready to release a new and unique design that distinguish us from our competitors, this is Youtube.

For what purpose and for whom was created rutube.ru? How you position the now?

-Our Goal - to create online multimedia new generation resource.

We`re not just movie site, not just a video hosting, not just Internet broadcasts. Combining all of this, we want to give users tremendous opportunities in the web because of the video.

Rutube.ru - all about online video.

Does rutube.ru any award, awards?

No, I did not receive, simply did not have time. We`re too young.

As initially spun rutube.ru?

-Ponyatie "Promotion" can not be applied to RuTube, because during its existence the service is not advertised in the usual sense for everyone.

We have not arranged the banners vysokoposeschaemyh resources and artificially attracted users.

We have very good partners, who always help us, and we them.

Currently campaign rutube.ru limited affiliate program?

-Yes exactly. We propose to use our affiliate program and develop together with us.

Can you name the sites with which cooperates rutube.ru?

Regarding API -Cooperation video and live broadcasting. Now it Webpark.ru, Anekdotov.net, Eurofootball.ru, m57.ru, youparty.ru, conference RIT2007, O2TV, EvraziyaTV, Radio Yellow fake, Radio Voice of Twilight, Pops Radio - 102.5 fm.

First of all, we are interested in suppliers of quality, unique content, interesting to our users - is a basic requirement for our partners.

How many people are working to support rutube.ru?

RuTube.ru-Team consists of 15 people, all experienced developers with higher education in Computer Science function, management, information design.

Can we say that rutube.ru - profitable project?

-So Far no, it`s a start.

Who is he - a user rutube.ru? Can you talk about the portrait of the average user?

-Every Day we get new users, advanced and active part of RuNet.

Service is growing, and with it grows and the audience. And at this stage it is difficult to say for sure who he is, our user. It is literally changing before our eyes. And here he is, not only from Moscow, not necessarily familiar with blogging. People have increasingly come to see is interesting, entertaining video.

Tell us how to work with your service for beginners with maximum efficiency?

-One Of the most important task for us is to achieve simplicity and convenience on the website.

Despite the fact that the functions are now very much, we tried most clearly communicate them to users. Moreover, as a basis, we often take the already familiar interface, such as a picture of friends in LiveJournal, ranking blogs in Yandex.

The only thing that I would like to emphasize - many very useful features are only available to registered users.

Can you identify any problems that often arise in new users rutube.ru?

-The Most common is the problem with watching videos. Because of the connection failure rollers can not be fully cached and therefore is shown only the part that has been pumped up to a cliff.

In addition, service providers are often at the limits that do not allow users to watch video streams.

Of course, all of this users are not even aware, and to clarify the situation falls with each separately.

How many registered users on rutube.ru?

-We Have registered more than 76 thousand users. The number of registrations has been steadily growing, which allows you to build far-reaching plans.

Rollers users are moderated?

-On Site acts postmoderatsiya. That is, users can upload videos without any limitations. But moderators browsing rollers and removed if they conflict with the User Agreement and moral principles.

Were you claim to videos posted on the holders?

-So Far such claims was not.

Do rutube.ru Participates in some off-events?

Yes, for example, we have organized direct broadcasting RIT2007 conference (rit2007.ru).

How often do you get letters from users? What do they think about rutube.ru? Was it something to do with their feed?

-The Fact that our audience - are very active users of the Internet, we get a lot of interesting offers, moreover, in the LJ community http://community.livejournal.com/rutube/ often being discussed the most important issues.

On the advice of our customers, we have made the search function in the rating rutyubovtsev and the ability to send a friend to boast; we have added a news section for partners and new features in the API RuTube were introduced. They also send their complaints about obscene videos, thus helping us to moderate the content. Every day we receive letters from our customers, and try to respond to everyone and at every opportunity they say "Thank you" for their choice and support.

Rumors on the Internet about whether rutube.ru any rumors or gossip? What do you think about it?

-First Of all - it`s a misconception that we clone youtube. And we take it quietly, if we compare with the giant - it`s nice, but in the rest of the time we are proud that the service grows and develops day by day, it becomes a convenient way for our users.

Another rumor that create RuTube quickly, but it is a good answer to http://lucky.habrahabr.ru/blog/7257.html article.

Was there life rutube.ru some funny, funny situations?

-About One case, a video filmed http://rutube.ru/tracks/19838.html?v=7cc605e14cd2fcc9b06c37d33ca3e240.

What are the immediate plans rutube.ru?

-In Our immediate plans to create a center of online television, which will replace users Runet TV and will not only get all your footage directly from your computer, but also create their amateur television, both on the basis of short films, as well as conducting live broadcasts.