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Date of Birth: 10/16/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Chusovoi

Citizenship: Russia



Oleg Vereshchagin was born October 16, 1982 in a small cozy town Chusovaya in the Perm region. In its native secondary school number 7, he especially composed of student and did not stand out, and standouts did not appear, and the activists are not rushed, and not any theater and art studios did not attend.

The first man came on the scene in the 11th grade in the classroom KVN team, which he had in a dress, in the rubber cap on the head, it was clear that he was bald, depict popular soloist at the moment the group "Masha and bears". Everything went as well as possible, confused, the young actor fell to the audience down. Everyone laughed, and Vereshchagin thought then: "The first time came on the scene and so well, such a success!"

"Comedy Club"

Oleg KVNom carried away, began to take part in KVN Kama Region Championships in the team, "Devils" from the glorious city Chusova. After moving to Perm in 2001, a significant KVNschik was invited to the national team and Dobryanka Perm, and then in the main team of the Perm region - "Parma", where he became friends with Gabriel, "Le Havre" Gordeyev. Oleg Vereshchagin quickly became one of the most brilliant players and original card team.

After visiting his counterpart in Moscow Perm humorous show "Comedy Club" Oleg Vereshchagin moved to "the organization", and has become one of the best residents of the regional program "Comedy Club".

"Comedy Club" came up with the people who knew a lot about humor and know how to come up with exactly the quality humor. Initially, because the humor is always good, and the quality of humor even more like humans. Naturally, the first step is chosen by people who knew how to sell humor better than others, so some "Comedy Club" and we`ve got so incendiary.

Here is one such skilled "sellers of humor" and became successful KVNschik Oleg Vereshchagin. He left KVN iz-za not what he "grew up" of KVN and KVN outlived itself, everything is much simpler: the one who in KVN, the business should not be engaged in KVN just need to play.

An important role in the further creative life played Vereshchagin invitation to the shooting in the transfer of "Laughter without rules" on channel TNT. All this happened when the program rules were just forming. And the performance of the actor, in fact, was the theater of one actor.

Then fate has presented another surprise - participation in the "Comedy" in the capital in the summer of 2007. A new stage of the artistic career of Oleg Vereshchagin, he became a full-fledged, permanent resident "Comedy Club", he lacked experience for this, and stage and television.

Oleg Vereshchagin gladly spoke with his longtime friend Gabriel "Le Havre" Gordeyev and Garik Martirosyan, Paul and Will Alexander Revva. Residents often wrote together, always understood each other perfectly, and rehearsed so very quickly. If the joke in a cohesive duet Vereshchagin-Havre was about pop stars, they always tried not to make jokes on topics that would really hurt kakie-to human relations. No one will ever no one is limited, but with Vereshchagin Gordeev carefully selected material, engaged in self-censorship. Each had a head on his shoulders, and he understood that it is possible and what is impossible to say.


With the move to Moscow was quietly implemented a specific plan Vereshchagin. First, the desire to remain in Moscow for 15 years at least. Secondly, the desire to try his hand at cinema. It appeared, after Oleg Vereshchagin began to communicate with cinematic lyudom. Having written a spec script in 2002, and received the go-ahead to shoot Vereshchagin "killed two birds with one stone", the show in their story "The Mystery of the Old Cemeteries" and Movie parts in this series.

Meanwhile, the movie career gained momentum. The next milestone in the creative biography Vereshchagin was the role in the sequel to "The Best Movie 2". The creators of the films drew the right conclusions from previous experience, so a continuation of "The Best Movie" in terms of the story became less bardachnym: on the general outline cleverly strung parody of the movie "Heat", "Game", "We from the future", "Irony Fate "," 12 "and TV". Malakhov plus "," King of the ring, "" Taxi ". That`s why "The Best Movie 2" was more successful than the first.

New actor successfully created the image of the son Majeure superoligarha among the oligarchs, the successful role of Alexander Bashirov. Major together with my dad lived in the palace, wearing a cambric footcloths, ate caviar with "coffee" and instead of napkins used pyatisotevrovymi crisp banknotes. In terms of the relationship with the son of an oligarch - a beast of some kind! The birthday Majeure banned invite long, simple, without all sorts of celebrities, friends - stripper Mariner role Garik Kharlamov, actor nicknamed actor Timur Batrutdinov and rapper Dimati unique role Dmitry Khrustalev, whom my son eventually "washed away" from the wise "daddy."

Vereshchagin appear in "the best movie 2" liked to spit, that many critics of this film is the Mother, the actor has decided yet to score a spot among the "rye-comedy comedians" in trikvele that has matured in the mind of an experienced director Oleg Fomin.


Oleg Vereshchagin said he had just a very complex character, and in general it is - a strange little man. Its very easy to "start" and "anger, he is unpredictable", and can be rude, and send, regardless of the positions and ranks.

The companies asked the actor is constantly something to tell you to have fun. He at the same time, as a rule, asking the profession of the person, and if he, for example, the doctor, the answer sounded a request: "I`ll fly!", And the teacher - "learn!"

Oleg has always tried to avoid us, which said, "Come, let`s make a joke!" In the family, nobody`s favorite companies do not need to ask all happened by itself is very fun and good.

Interesting facts

In Moscow, a ticket to the party "Somedy Club" you can buy in the "Atrium" to 2000 rubles, the ruble price ticket 3000. And it was impossible to buy a ticket alone, they sold just five pieces. Just have to collect the company and bought the entire table, and a nice rest!

On a rhetorical question for all residents of the club: "Why are there no women among the residents?", Oleg Vereschagin, of course, there is a strong argument: "Historically If all shows to see, even in our Russian humorous, very few women on the stage. . Perhaps with women, though, it turns out quite different. In any case it would not be "Comedy Club", if by chance would appear like female stand-up show. "


2002-2008 The mystery of the old cemetery - the show, actor, script

2009 Best Film - 2

Author: Alex Generals

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