Oleg Utgof

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Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Ukraine

The bad guy Oleg Utgof

Author: Elena Osipova

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I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and moved to London when I was 11 years old. Not forever, just come to learn in school. I moved one, my parents were in Kiev. Mom, I graduated from music school in Ossetia. Father - honored surgeon of Ukraine.

In 16 years, I realized that I wanted to become an actor. We put in the school play "Sleeping Beauty." I played one of the ugly sisters. When he spoke, and the people like it, they smile and clap, and I thought it was mine, that I am interested in this spin, and I entered the Drama Centre - one of the best acting schools in the country.

How your parents react to the fact that you have chosen an artistic way? After all, when you are sent to study in England, you`ve probably seen you with some more serious profession - a financier or a neurosurgeon at least.

Initially, it was all strange, but they supported me. Still, I have shown that this very want. The Drama Centre is very difficult to do. There three thousand students received scores. We need to show ourselves, we have to prove that you are not acting just a hobby.

I studied there for five years. Three years as a theater actor and two years - as a movie actor. And in the final year I was very lucky. At our school plays were casting agents, and I liked them. So I got the part Fedka in his first film - "Tourist". I played there one of the gangsters. And then immediately after that was the role of the main villain in the British TV series