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Date of Birth: 04/28/1962

Age: 54

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Oleg Komarov graduated from the Sverdlovsk State Theatre Institute. He made his debut in film in the early `90s. Over the years, the work on the screen actor played numerous bit parts: gambler in the drama "Group Risk" suicide taken from the Director of shoes in the comedy "The plane flies in Russian" worker Peter railway station in the comedy "old horse".

In the new millennium

Particularly popular Oleg Komarov brought participation in the television series. And although he still appears in supporting roles, its colorful characters can not be ignored: Suvorov in the series "Graf Krestovsky" Zhora in the series` papa son, "Zinoviev in the historical-biographical series" Yesenin ", Roman Shishkin, a classmate Ludmilla "Father`s daughter" Vasnetsov in the series. Multiple roles Oleg Komarov played in the TV series "Detectives": journalist Oleg Bake in a series of "Flash", the journalist Seraphim swallow in a series of "Heavenly Fire" sponsordetskogo home in the series "A Melody for a pistol with a silencer." In addition, Oleg Nechayev took part in the "OSP projects studio. " The audience, of course, remember his "33 square meters".

Oleg Komarov often brought to play negative characters on the screen, a kind hamovatyh types. So in the series "Brothers in different ways," the actor has created an image of Arkady Mikhailovich Nechaev, who believes everyone around idiots, loves to feel a big man ihamit those who consider themselves weaker, and at the same time is afraid of his wife iz-za her influential father. In the film "Running on Waves" Oleg Komarov played a greedy, unscrupulous sailor Steak, mate Geza, for the money ready for everything, even the murder of his master. Same light-fingered, avid character Oleg Komarov and in the popular TV series "Ranetki". His hero policeman Pavel Zhdanov was a wonderful couple of apartment swindler Love Gushchina.

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