Oleg Golubitckiy

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Date of Birth: 07/06/1923

Age: 72

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born June 7, 1923 in Moscow. Member of the Great Patriotic War. After returning from the front, he entered the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, in an acting workshop V.Vanina. After graduating from the Institute of Cinematography in 1949, he joined the troupe of the film actor Theatre-studio. I worked there until 1989,

He made his debut in cinema in 1950 in the role of Karpenko optimistic drama "Donetsk miners." Creative fate of Oleg Golubitskoe could be called happy, because without work, he almost sat filmed continuously since graduation. First it was the young, energetic people, not always pleasant: Igor Varentsov ( "test of loyalty"), Claude Juneau ( "Murder on Dante Street"), baking ( "Midshipman Panin") and OE, then all sorts of officers, directors, heads ( "French Lessons", "In the area of ??special attention", "I - leader outpost" and OE).

One of the best works of the actor can be called a role in the film directed by Eugene Tashkova: Captain Wolin in the popular TV series "The adjutant of his excellency" (1969) and Shchetkin drama "Children Vanyushina" (1973). Eugene Tashkova Golubitskiy was shot repeatedly. In addition to the aforementioned films, it was a picture of "Major" Vortex "," French Lessons "," Crime ".

Oleg Golubitskiy Oleg worked until his last days. Once a heart attack in the hospital, he, like a true soldier, and not ershilsya ber

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