Oleg Gimazov

Picture of Oleg Gimazov

Date of Birth: 10/25/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Omsk

Citizenship: Russia


Oleg Ravilyevich Gimazov (Gimazov-Odintsov) born October 25, 1969 in Omsk.

In the early 1990s, Omsk Gimazov began to engage social and political activities. In 1992, he acted as one of the founders and leaders of the All-Russian monarchist center (VIC). As a representative of the West Siberian region of Russia, he was elected member of the Supreme Council of the monarchical VIC. Speaking about the creation of the VIC, the newspaper "monarchist" called Gimazova representative of the Omsk department of the Russian Imperial Union-Order (RIU-O). Member of the Supreme Council of the monarchical VIC Gimazov remained until 1996.

It was noted that Gimazov was the founder and leader of the Omsk branch of the Congress of Russian Communities (KRO) - one of the first Russian regional movement patterns established Dmitry Rogozin. In 1993 Gimazov served as deputy chairman of the Omsk regional citizens` committee "In defense of the Constitution." In neighboring Tomsk region similar committee came out in defense of the Supreme Council, condemning the actions of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, issued the famous decree