Oleg Genisaretskiy

Picture of Oleg Genisaretskiy

Date of Birth: 02/28/1942

Age: 74

Place of birth: Carpet

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (Faculty of electronic computing devices and automation equipment) in 1964. I listened to the Faculty of Mathematics lecture SA Yablonska and AS Esenin-Volpin on mathematical logic and the foundations of mathematics. [1]

In 1963-76 years - the participant of seminars of the Moscow Methodological Circle along with GP Shchedrovitskii, NG Alexeyev, V. Ya Dubrovsky, VA Lefebvre, YV Rozhdestvensky, VM Rozin, The . A. Sadowski, BV Sazonov VS Shvyrevym, E. G. Yudin and others.

Author of several works included in the canonical texts housing sistemodeyatelnostnoy methodology [2].

In the mid-1960s to mid-1970s. worked in VNIITE (together with GP Shchedrovitskii), Central Experimental studio of the Union of Artists ( "in a circle V.L.Glazycheva, JH Golomshtok AA Dorogova, L. V.Zhadovoy, KM .Kantora, EA Rosenblum, V.F.Sidorenko, E.V.Chernevich and other enthusiasts of revival in the USSR design "[1]). In 1970 he presented his thesis to the defense, the deviation VAK "for violation of the Leninist principle of partisanship."

Since the beginning of the 1970s, part of the circle of Alexander I, explores the Russian religious-philosophical perspective, exploring the legacy of Fr. Paul Florensky.

In 1989 he defended his thesis, and in 1992 - his doctoral dissertation on art.

From 1989 to 2001 - the supervisor of "Revival" and Congress "Culture and the Future of Russia" Cultural and Ecological Action of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

In 1993-2005 he headed the sector psihopraktik consciousness and culture of the Institute of Human Sciences, since 2005 - Senior Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, RAS.

April 1, 2004 lecture "Design and tradition in Russia" & # 8722; the second in a series of public lectures, "BBC News".


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