Oleg Borisov

Picture of Oleg Borisov

Date of Birth: 08/11/1929

Age: 64

Place of birth: Privolzhsk

Citizenship: Russia

Oleg Borisov (Albert) I.

Albert Oleg.

Born in the Volga Ivanovo region. The father - the director of agricultural school. Mother - agronomist.

Mom Oleg, Nadezhda, named his eldest son after the Belgian Crown Prince Albert, who struck her imagination during his visit to Moscow. But as a child all his name was Alec, and the school of Moscow Art Theatre Oleg began to call. So it went, although he always remained a passport Albert.

Working in the theater.

In 1951, Oleg Borisov graduated from high school studio at the Moscow Art Theatre and became an actor of the Kiev Russian Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka.

In 1964, Borisov joined the troupe of the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Gorky, where under the guidance of well-known theater director Tovstonogov actor created a bright memorable images - such as Prince Harry in "King Henry IV" by William Shakespeare, Gregory Melekhov in the "Pacific Don "by Mikhail Sholokhov, hoarse in" Optimistic tragedy "Vs.Vishnevskogo.

In 1989-1990, Oleg Borisov spoke at the Moscow Art Theater, and since 1989 - in the Central Red Army Theater, where he performed brilliantly memorable role of Emperor Paul in "Paul I" DS Merezhkovsky. Since 1991 - the artistic director and an actor riding Theatre "Entreprise Oleg Borisov" (Moscow).

The first work in the cinema.

In the movie - since 1955, he performed more than 70 roles. The director of the film "Stitches-track" (collab. With A.Voytetskim). He worked in radio (from 1975, as a reader and director of auditions) and television (1965). In Kiev on Andreevskom outstanding actor of theater and cinema in 1999, a monument.

A graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre Studio, Borisov worked in the Kiev Theatre of Russian Drama named after Lesya Ukrainka, when he began acting in films at the studio Dovzhenko. He made his debut in an episode of the film Mark Donskoy "Mother". Only five years later in the movie he played his first lead role in the movie "Chasing Two Hares" (1961) - a hapless rogue Golohvostogo. Comedy roles since then to Oleg Ivanovich somehow not stuck. Although he was able to joke - and funny and evil. He played different facets of funny: sarcasm, irony, Guignol ... probably just let the fun he would have failed to play. But his "cheerful talent" was almost unclaimed. There was, however, Kochkarev in "Marriage". Where seemingly hardened. Played in the cynicism of loneliness.

Most used it "reflective talent" starring doubting intellectuals and tragic heroes.

Audiences and critics highlighted his performance in the film "The working village" Vladimir Vengerov, which was released in 1965.

The characters the actor has always lived undercover rebellion - the opposition of self outside world, its laws, that heroes Borisov did not want to obey. This enlarges the characters where the drama offered average or a template option. Ready to fight, a constant inner tension and a huge amount of energy extracted character Borisova, emphasizing their originality, undoubted spiritual power and significance.

This is what happened in the film "Baltic Sky" (1961) in the role of pilot Tatarenko, whom the actor gave a different scale than those that were in the literary version of the film adaptation of the novel of Nicholas Chukovsky. In the comedy Eldar Ryazanov "Give plaintive book" (1964), journalist Nikitin became a prominent figure game thanks to Oleg Borisov, who owned and comedic and dramatic genre.


The most significant Movie parts Borisov associated with the scripts and paintings, when the actor originally was given to open the tragic doom of man who feels the isolation, separateness of the way. Man`s quarrelsome, undemocratic (in the worst and best sense of the word), not allowing anyone to tame themselves, rebellious and powerful. These heroes of the actor left the right to caustically bitter-irony and self-irony. Skepticism eroded their feelings, hopes and expectations.

Therefore, it is Oleg Borisov was the ideal performer of the main roles in the film Vadim Abdrashitova "Stopped Train" (1982), "Parade of Planets" (1984) and "The Servant" (1988).

In the painting "He stopped the train", performed outright, predperestroechnoy explosiveness playing investigator-righteous Ermakova, Oleg Borisov gradually revealed the face of the cold dogmatic, for which there are no real people live with their mistakes, involuntary lesions, pain, twisted fates. A string of law, in fact, cut off the morality - so playing Borisov.

This film happened at a difficult period for Borisov: Abdrashitov decided to invite him to his film, despite the fact that it is officially forbidden to shoot a movie. The fact was that once Oleg refused to continue shooting in the film Alexander Zarkhi "26 days in the life of Dostoevsky" (1980) in the midst of iz-za fundamental differences with the director. He feared that "operetta Dostoevsky" will remain in the film after the film. And he was punished with excommunication from the movie for two years, and on the set of his site has replaced Anatoly Solonitsyn.

The "Parade of Planets" Borisov played Astrophysics Kostina, Man escape from reality. A strange, mysterious world appeared on the screen in this "almost fantastic story." "Covered rocket launcher" during military exercises, staying in human beings, the characters turned into "spirits", met with the past, and in the final once again returned to its present, but the other, to join the historical, modern, human experience.

Finally, in the film "The Servant", Borisov created partocracy Gudionova, one of the owners of a dying power, which is the devil in the flesh for a long time to sell or to voluntarily give his soul for the sake of power. For his role in this film Oleg Borisov received in 1989 "Nike" in the nomination "Best Actor".

Borisov of those artists who did not have ups and downs. At least visible. More precisely, it just was not falling. The fact that some roles checkered less, it was obvious to him alone. The only strange - why he did in the movie was allowed to play not very nice people? Thus were both the character "The servants` trade union and scum Rafferty in the eponymous film (1980), which selects the" truth ", but in fact ready to do anything to save his own skin. Even in the "road checks" (1985) the hero-partisan Solomin does not inspire the sympathy, how we were taught to other commissioners.

Although, of course, this "concept" does not stand the test "on Borisov": was it kinobiografii intelligent and loves his profession headmaster Sveshnikov in the picture Frumina "Diary Headmaster" (1975), was the painting "Along the main street with orchestra ".

Eve of these roles was a brilliant work of Oleg Borisov in the movie "Failure of Engineer Garin" (1973), based on the novel by Alexei Tolstoy. Version starring Borisov raised pattern on some orders, giving it a deep philosophical meaning: a brilliant madman Engineer Garin was ready to destroy the globe in the name of exaggerated in his mind the idea of ??power.

The unforgettable actor.

The creative fate Oleg Borisov Russian literary classic was of great importance in connection with his work in theater and film. Many classic characters performed by the author gained deeply personal color and at the same time organically fit into the context of the author`s position of the writer.

One of the first in this direction was the hero of the story of Turgenev`s "Hamlet Schigrovskogo County" (TV movie was made by Valery Rubinchik in 1975). Poor gentleman, embittered by the sufferer causes the suffering of others - as Borisov played several varying the usual ideas about this hero. Almost mad decision was actor Gogol Kochkarev (screen version of "The Wedding" - 1977, taken by Vitaly Melnikov), forcing the vanity of trying in vain to drown out the longing to waste energy, feeling empty within days. Of course, this is one of the best roles of Oleg Borisov - Versilov in ser "Teenager" (1983) on the novel by Dostoyevsky. Extreme mental manifestations, the fragility of moral standards - and the undeniable breadth of Russian nature, passion, a special kind of kinship as well as love and hatred, torment and martyrdom - all come together in Versilov Oleg Borisov.

Among other roles, the audience remembered, can be called in the military picture Domesheka Victor Tregubovich "In war as in war" (1968), John Silver filmed in Vladimir Vorobiev "Treasure Island" (1982).

In the theater, at the BDT, he played all or almost all - in the sense that the concept of role Borisov did not apply. Not yet passed the "love" Tovstonogov squeezed all that nature has awarded artist.

Man and artistic charm, he had more than enough, and lacked a purely Soviet charm. No wonder the same Tovstonogov, knowing that the investigator Shamanov vampilovskoy of the play "Last summer in Chulimsk" - a role better than Borisov, no one to play, given its Kirill Lavrov, the artist strictly positive with the nomenclature point of view. With Borissov play would not have missed. We do not "missed" Oleg Ivanovich and Mikhalkovskaya "native". And what would make a duet Mordjukova - Borisov! On "Mosfilm" did not want too much social tension. And not allowed to shoot Borisov. But he really wanted to.

Theatrical performances live and die, sometimes too much "aging" on the way. The films do not die, they can only be infinitely old. But even the most seemingly-important modern role Borisov are outdated - they were still "on" (or "for"). That is why, and denied him in the old days of some of the roles. They were afraid of the severe talent.

Personal life.

The wife of Oleg Ivanovich - Alla Romanova Borisov (nee - Latynskaya), for many years worked as chief editor of the creative association "Telefilm" studio "Lenfilm".

Alla Romanova: "Together we have lived 40 years - easily, happily. We both celebrated their birthdays in November. Kak-to on one of the TV Oleg Ivanovich was next to Tamara Globa, and she was very surprised that we have two of the Scorpion, so unanimously agreed, because the combination of our - very rare so we denied that slander on Scorpion.!

He took care of me for a long time, 3 years. And our wedding day - 3 in February was our main holiday. We have always celebrated it only at home, like all celebrations. My "special" holiday dishes are always changing, but the husband was modest and unpretentious in food: he liked everything I cook. And when there were feasts at home, he is more talked with friends than himself to eating.

He did not attach much importance to the material: clothes, things. For him to wear a suit and tie was a problem: "I`m not an actor Akterych", - he grumbled. Loved sweaters, jeans, jackets. A tuxedo acquired only when he began to read in a concert ... "

In 1956 they had a son, Yuri. Having diversified liberal education, he is also involved in kinoindustrialnoy activities. Jury - directed film "Benefit unplayed roles" and the movie "I`m bored, the devil" with his father in the title role.

Oleg Borisov write a diary - for 20 years he trusted most sacred paper. The last entry in it did two weeks before his death. And kak-to dropped his son Yuri, "When I`m gone, do not rush to publish it." Only five years later, on the eve of the anniversary date: November 8, the great actor would have turned 70, diaries Oleg Borisov - the book "Without punctuation" - was published. The name for a future book diary he invented himself.