Oksana Bilozir

Picture of Oksana Bilozir

Date of Birth: 05/30/1957

Age: 59

Place of birth: SMIG

Citizenship: Ukraine


People`s Artist of Ukraine (1994), Professor (2003). A member of the faction "Our Ukraine" (from 04.2006), Vice-Chairman (since 07.2006); Member of the National Assembly of the Council of "Our Ukraine" (since 03.2005); Chairman of the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian mutual assistance" (from 2003); Deputy predsedatelyaNatsionalnoy Commission on foreign Ukrainians (2006).


Father - Rozumkevich Vladimir I. (born in 1930). - Retired;

Mother - Rozumkevich Nina (1933-2004);

1st husband - Bilozir Igor I. (1955-2000);

2nd husband - Nedzelskiy Roman Stefanovic (. Born June 10, 1967) - DP general producer of "touring Ukraine";

The sons - Andrew I. Bilozir and Nedzelskiy Yaroslav Romanovich.


Lviv Musical Pedagogical College. F.Kolessa (1976); Lviv State Conservatory. M. Lysenko (1 981); Diplomatic akademiyaUkrainy under the MFA of Ukraine (1999), Master of foreign policy and diplomacy.

People`s deputy of Ukraine of 4-6 convocations.

People Ambassador of Ukraine (1999). Creative activity: 15 CDs, 1 DVD, 10 musical films.

He speaks Polish and English.

Hobbies: sleds, hiking.