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Place of birth: Tara

Citizenship: Russia


As a child, Oksana dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But my mother, as a child she studied ballet, believed that Ksenia enough like a butterfly, flit from flower to flower. Mom, going from ballet to the engineering profession, Ksjushu convinced that it is too big for the ballet.

In addition to ballet Oksana was very fond of music (she graduated from the School of Arts in violin in Togliatti) and English. So after school she went to act not in the theater and in inyaz at the department of English. But offended at random four, the entrance exam dropped and worked two years saleswoman. In particular, in the department`s underwear.

Dreamed of becoming a spy, a diplomat, a psychologist, and then I realized that all occupations can be combined into one - the profession of actress, and then waved to Moscow and on the move, on the fly, in the same breath, itself preparing, he impressed the selection committee Shchukin School at the theater Vakhtangov, Pushkin`s lines filling "Singer" bliss and murmur of sensual love.

The Shchukin School Oksana learned on the course Shlykova Yuri, actor Vakhtangov Theatre. All student days she played endlessly finest roles - Katherine in "The Storm", Schiller`s Mary Stuart, Avdotya Romanovna of "Crime and Punishment" ...

After graduating in 2001, Shchukin School Oksana some time worked in the Satire Theater.

In the movie she starred in the popular youth series "FM and children", flashed in an episode of the famous "Down House".

However, shooting a movie is not left on their own memories no creative. This dramatic life is only in the theater, says Oksana, but the theater does not allow to somehow survive in an expensive and rigid Moscow. Oksana also wanted to play, so in 2002 she accepted an offer to go to the Russian Drama Theatre of Estonia.

It currently plays in the performances: "The French passion dacha outside Moscow" (Lara), "Thunderstorm" (Feklusha), "The Snow Queen" (Rogue), and others.

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Oksana Agarkova picture
Oksana Agarkova photo
Oksana Agarkova image
Oksana Agarkova pic