Nuno Lopes

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Date of Birth: 06/05/1978

Age: 38

Place of Birth: Lisbon

Citizenship: Portugal

Nuno Lopez scared fans

Author: Olga Martinske

Website: Celebrities

For our office often receives letters from "Hope" the audience with a question: how to translate "murruga" - a nickname, Jose Manuel was adjusted to white heat? The same mystery excited and Brazilian audience during the broadcast of the series. According to there the press, word, like a curse outdated 30s, was coined by writer personally Benedito Rui Barbosa. And it means a short-tempered bully, as they say, - "mad." Jose Manuel really temperamental guy, unlike the role of the artist - the Portuguese actor Nuno Lopes, who in any situation keeps titanic calm. Nuno - freelance artist, a creative person: has no idea what he wants from life, and never sure of tomorrow. He is a typical Portuguese - friendly but reserved, prudish and reserved. Born and raised in Lisbon, fanatically adored this city with narrow cobbled streets. Noisy cheeky Brazil shocked the actor. Inflamed the fans on a daily basis "grazed" him at the entrance to "Aparthotel", a crowd attacked and tried to rip the clothes idol! Paparazzi watched his every move, journalists demanded an interview, but without achieving the desired, attributed the poor fellow numerous love affairs. Salvation came in the person of Marcus Brandao, manager Reynaldo Reynaldo Gianecchini, who took a foreigner under his wing. At this point shy demure Nuno was on the verge of collapse.


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