Ntsiki Biyela

Picture of Ntsiki Biyela

Nationality: South Africa


Ntsiki Biyela is not accustomed to the attention of journalists and shy fallen to its share of the role - to be a symbol of change in the South African economy. She was the first black woman - the owner of the wine farm. Her farm "Stellekayya" in the prestigious South African wine region of Stellenbosch is working not so long ago, but has already gained sufficient authority.

28-year-old entrepreneur originally from a poor and a large peasant family. She promptly burst into a business that was traditionally in South Africa, reserve the most conservative part of the white community. Until recently, the South African wine industry were employed only white and black, and there was not close.

Ntsiki well prepared for their roles - she graduated from the faculty of the University of Stellenbosch wine on scholarships provided by the national airline "South Africain Airways", and started to work in the profession two years ago. However, during this time it bred varieties four times won prestigious awards at wine competitions. His craft Ntsiki chosen, as she says, just out of curiosity.

"When I was at the university for the first time tasted the wine, it was awful, - she says. - But eventually I learned to appreciate wine, especially red, and now I love it! "