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Date of Birth: 11/26/1894

Age: 69

Place of birth: Colombia

Citizenship: United States

Pygmalion twentieth century

As a boy I vytsyganil someone from Multi wise mother`s familiar maroon book, on the cover of which adorned the mysterious word "Cybernetics". The book moved to my personal shelves, which belonged to all the free space of ten-room, and in many ways determined the fate of the owner. It happened not due to the consonance of ideas Wiener my invented world. From the first to the last page I read "Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine" only when preparing the introductory part to his diploma, the name of which is unlikely to play undertake (chto-to there about the use of the theory of pattern recognition in the construction of a mathematical model of X-ray radiometric express analysis of non-ferrous metals). So what made me with a touching tenderness refer to this book? No matter how funny, the reason for this was the story of another remarkable book. My dad (dragged after her divorce from her mother lovingly entire library collected them) felt obliged to closely monitor my mental development. In my registry were listed Lem, Strugatsky, Sheckley, Bradbury and others of that ilk. But once he solemnly handed me a book of some of Robin George Collingwood, English philosopher and historian of culture. I opened the book in the middle as usual and: bored. This uncle was too much for me. But as I was lying on the couch with a book in their hands (and did not want to get up), I decided to at least overcome the preface written by the author of his own. History set out there, so impressed that I suddenly painfully wanted to become at least a little like a young Robin. And so it was: a strict father ordered his servants to lock up future offending Lord Collingwood in the library, mischievous advantage of the situation and climbed the stairs to the very top of a bookshelf, throwing off with her a whole heap of priceless tomes. Well, who among us as a child was not hiding in the closet? Nestling comfortably on a bookshelf, the boy was going to put his head under a thick leather-bound volume. Then his eyes fell on the title. Read it, he could not, the letters were strangers. Having looked through the book, Robin made sure that the text is printed on the same unknown language. The book beckoned and, after putting it under his head, the boy fell asleep with the thought that the texts devoted to the study of the mysterious life. And so it happened. That book was the "Dialogues" of Plato. My - "Cybernetics" Wiener. I have not read it. But I`ve thought about it. Strange feeling. Strange books.

Our hero, Norbert Wiener, who completed his first fundamental work (the aforementioned "Cybernetics") at the age of 54 years. This excerpt describes the remarkable way forever doubting around the large scientist. I think the reader will be able to appreciate the degree of "vystradannosti" materials prepodnes

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