Nonna Mordyukova

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Date of Birth: 11/25/1925

Age: 82

Place of birth: Konstantinovskaya

Citizenship: Russia

Nonna Mordjukova not want to play the old women

Author: Olga Shablinsky

Website: Celebrities

A few years ago the compilers encyclopedia movie stars and wrote the wrong date of birth is not the actress 25 th day and 27 th. When five years ago Mordjukova celebrated the 70th anniversary - as usual, in a quiet family circle, she was glad that we managed to avoid the hype around the anniversary. But ... 27 November it absolutely calmly opens the door, and there is a rose - red, white, purple ... And for the roses - a man with a revolver. Rose sent from the White House. A revolver ... "Perhaps it should deliver the roses to the protection that they have not got anyone else" - then suggested Mordjukova.

The actress does not like to organize celebrations for a few hours in honor of his birthday. She did an amazing person. As a folk artist, I never enjoy the benefits that it could give a friendship with the government. This kolenonepreklonnost manifested in everything. "We met with Nonna, when they were still young, in Kaluga, a concert for the regional committee - said the singer Catherine Shavrina. - Then there was a banquet and Nonna Viktorovna invited for a private table at which sat obkomovskie" bumps. "But she replied:" No thanks. I`ll be all together "- and sat at the table with the other artists, with us."

Just last year, Nona Mordjukova received two-bedroom apartment. And then the accident. Anchorman Urmas Ott in his TV show asked: "Nonna V., and how is it that you, the People`s Artist still live in a one-room" Khrushchev "?" Mordjukova replied: "But I do not know I can not ask the boss.". And he joked: "Here I will write to UNESCO ..." After a few days of its "housing problem" miraculously resolved.

Mordjukova never asked roles. According to her, for all her long life of 54 years in film, she played a total of seven or eight characters facing. But to call the director and ask itself a role for itself - it`s like to "offer himself as a man to a woman." Maybe it is because of this natural pride - Cossack! - A talented artist for several years did not act in films. After the first and brought glory to the film "Young Guard" (ibid played and husband of actress Vyacheslav Tikhonov) Nonna felt that from now on "life as ladnenko, skladnenko and will go further." But ... As many as 5 years Mordyukova was not even the smallest roles.

After the resounding success in Mikhalkov`s "native" and watching Ryazanov "train station for two" actress is not removed 18 (!) Years. Nonna V. does not believe aunt that she played in "Shirley Myrli" work, she went there for the money.

Denis Evstigneev film "Mother", despite the fact that the criticism of his cursed in unison, Mordjukova holds good. "Right now, the movie - not a movie, if the asphalt brains do not leak and no one was raped on a large plan - said the actress at a press conference dedicated to the publication of" Mom. "- And this picture from those of the past. There is a family love".

Still, the main role in "Mame" and brought disappointment. Even without acting, purely feminine. After this film, the actress does not want to shoot more - since age such that grannies give the play. She is spoiled other roles when her fall in love, seek, seeking location ...

Some great said: "Actor - cemetery unplayed roles." And even more sad when talented actor "idle." Although simple it? Simple - this is when a role does not offer ... And Mordyukova for the second telephone has collapsed due to the fact that it is in the hearts hangs up when wacky scenarios offer. Particularly outraged actress aunt offer to play in a torn vest and a pipe in his mouth. She was in the cellar to pour vodka underage girls in glasses perverted by alien influences, and then "under the underlay uncles." Do you think it will play such dirty?

In 1967, the actress went for a few months shooting the film "The Commissioner". During this time, her eighteen-year-son Volodya addicted to drugs. When Nonna V. returned son was in the hospital. Then he vowed that more, no, no, never ... In 1990, at the age of 40 years because of drug and alcohol abuse, Vladimir Tikhonov died.

Several years ago, Vlad leaves in the "Subject" very carefully asked Nonna Mordjukova: "If I had not lost the baby, I would never have dared to ask you this question ... But how you have experienced the pain of death Volodya?" - "Pain is still itching in the heart as if it count hammered pain does not resolve..."

In that tragic 1990 on a compilation concert in Cherepovets actress met a young singer Julian. "Nonna V. was then in terrible stress. And I became her second son, all his mother`s love, she suffered at me. I could see this huge responsibility." The singer was then a student at the Institute of Cinematography and lived in a dormitory. The entire administration "dormitory" stood at attention when Mordjukova called Julian. She scolded the commandant: "If you offend him, I`ll come, will understand." Then she beckoned to the tube of the ward and asked a single question: "You tell me what you eat today?" If in that day did not eat anything - a small student scholarship came to an end this week, - the actress said sternly: "So, I roast a chicken, let`s come quickly." "She now calls me every day to mobile and asks the same question:" Husband, you ate today? "If I`m going to get married, I have chosen one necessarily show Nonna Viktorovna. If it chto-nibud alert, I will listen. Because person sees through it and never lies she is not afraid to schlep to say... "You bastard," and he did not answer it because it Mordjukova said, "- says the singer.

Eternal Bride

Nonna V. Julian calls "spouse" after a New Year`s "Spark". They approached the leader and asked about future plans. Mordjukova, without batting an eye, has issued a joke in his spirit: "Marry!" Since then, the yellow press regularly reports that the actress is divorced from the singer, then remarried, and creative meetings Nonna Viktorovna always ask the same question: "How is your husband?" - "Stirlitz that if we have long been divorced?" - "No, Julian." - "Oh, I`m Julian So his eternal bride.".

Strong, purposeful the fair sex is difficult to arrange his personal life. Should caught the man who realizes that all this power - only apparent and that this woman needed and tenderness and warmth ... Nonna Mordjukova really looking for a lifetime of understanding and support. Sometimes, she says, that she was tired of hearing that she`s strong. Yes, it is soft and pliable like wax! Only a reliable man`s hand is not met.

With the first and only official spouse - Vyacheslav Tikhonov actress lived in a marriage for 13 years. They were very dissimilar. "They met ... ice and fire" - it`s about them. She - a bright Kuban Cossack, speaks loudly, laughed so heartily. He - a modest, quiet, pavlovoposadskiymalchik. Mordjukova says that he and Tikhonov lived and suffered. Neither his home did not want nor to her. But the child was born. Yes, and a divorce in those times was a matter of very reprehensible.

In Vyacheslav Tikhonov remarried family life has developed. And here at Mordyukova ... "Out I`m married, but only without the registrar`s office, - said one artist -. Husbands I do not come across those Beautiful were like gods, but some infantile, failed.". Husbands she really had failed - one 5 years old typewriter was tucked on a single sheet, the other every day telling her: "You`re right, you`re a famous actress," - and he was not working, sitting at home.

A few years ago in an interview Nonna V. said that she remained on Tikhonov resentment for life - he had never in their entire life together has not congratulated her on her birthday. "There were times when the sun is going down, and I`m still waiting for something to remember. Do not wait ..." Recently, in the movie Renata Litvinova "No death for me," the actress admitted that she yearns for Tikhonov ...

We called Vyacheslav Vasilyevich. Tikhonov cheerful and metallic voice asked: "And when this event is the twenty-fifth I wish Nonna Viktorovna health, success in your work and a long life?". On the joint work in the "Young Guard" the actor said: "It was perfect." Asked if it works easily with "difficult" actress Mordyukova, Tikhonov said: "easy to operate". To ask any personal questions I did not dare. When hung up for some disappointment remains in the soul. Although ... One I still pleased. At this time, Nonna Viktorovna not be able to say that "this Stirlitz" not congratulated her on her birthday.

Our information

He played in the film "Young Guard", "Marriage Bal`zaminova", "President", "Diamond Hand", "commissioner", "Podnya", "Railway Station for Two", "Mother" and others.

In 1974 he was awarded the title of People`s Artist of the USSR.

While still a student, received in 1949, the USSR State Prize for the role Uliana Gromova in the film "Young Guard".

Included in the top ten most outstanding actresses of the twentieth century in the Encyclopaedia Britannica movie "Who is who". In addition Mordyukova of Russian actresses this honor awarded only Faina Ranevskaya.

One of the planets in the solar system named Nonna Mordyukova. the world number - 4022