Noah Taylor

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Date of Birth: 09/04/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: Australia


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Noah Taylor was born in London (England), the son of Maggie (journalist and book editor) and Paul Teylra 4th September 1969 (journalist and kopiraytora). Parents actor were Australians origin. For some time they lived in the British capital, but after - returned to Australia. When the family settled in one of the suburbs of Melbourne, the future actor was about five years old.

Noah`s parents lived together for about fourteen years old, and after - divorced. After a while, Taylor left shkolu.Togda he never dreamed of acting career, but things changed when Noah began to take part in theatrical performances - on the weekends. Initially acting was for him only a hobby, but over time hobby turned into a passion, and after - in the business of life.

Noah productively played in youth theater in Saint-Martin, in one of the social communities in Australia. Then aspiring actor drew the attention of directors and was invited to the serious work.

In 1987, the year the actor was invited to the shooting of his first film.

After a while, the actor went to Sydney. Companion Taylor was a friend of his, with whom the actor was a friend for a long period. Suddenly misfortune. One day, while in Sydney, my friends were expecting a train standing on the station platform. Suddenly Noah friend rushed to the rails, committed suicide in front of an old friend. What caused such a tragic event is not known.

Then Noah Taylor fell into a state of severe depression - the image pogibshegotovarischa not leave inflamed consciousness of the actor. With difficulty he managed to recover physically and psychologically, and start again.

In 1996, the year of Noah Taylor was invited to the role of the young pianist David Helfgotta - in the movie "Shine". The actor played the role well, and after more than once starred in a movie. Genre diversity of films in which the actor played was significant, ranging from comedies and ending thrillers and historical dramas (for example, in the movie "Max" Noah Taylor played the young Adolf Hitler).

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