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Nina Georgia

Nina was born in the most that neither is a Christian family. According to legend, her father Zebulun was a relative of St. George and Susanna`s mother was the sister of the Patriarch of Jerusalem Juvenal. Once the father decided to become a hermit, and Susanna leaned in deaconesses, 12-year-old girl was left alone. She raised and nurtured some old woman, who was a native of Iberia - so then called Georgia. That it is believed, and told Nina about this country, which still remained in paganism. And the girl allegedly already decided that someday she will travel to Georgia and baptized her. At this point, information of various sources differ. Some say that Nina was praying so hard for that was she was elected Georgia krestitelnitsey that one day her dream she was the Mother of God, who gave the girl a cross from related branches of the vine, and blessed it in the glorious act. According to another version, was to blame the Roman emperor Diocletian, who turned such persecution of Christians that they had to flee as best he can. Nina, ostensibly mindful of the beautiful country, which she told the teacher, just ran back and hid it in an ordinary peasant hut in the middle of vineyards.

The members of a peasant family, and became the first converts Nina Georgians. According to legend, she prayed earnestly for God to give this child a pair of barren, that a miracle has occurred, and the grateful mother and father immediately embraced Christianity. The rumors that the country is able to perform miracles prishelitsa prayers and quickly spread throughout the area, and Nina began to come people with their troubles and sores. In the end, it brought on a stretcher itself Queen Nana, wife Iberian King Mirian. Nina Nana safely healed, from which all the royal family converted to Christianity and Mirian order was erected first in Georgia Christian church. This temple, by the way, there was not anywhere, and on the very spot where, according to the beliefs of the Georgian Christians rests Heaton Lord.

At this point, the legend of the life of Nina-krestitelnitsy Georgia in common with other Christians in the popular legend, the one that tells the story of a tunic of Jesus Christ, in which he was crucified.

According to one version of events, after Jesus raised on the cross, his clothes, that is, in fact, only the coat, given to him as a mother, the Roman soldiers played by lot among themselves. For this kind of Eleazar watched a sketch of Mtskheta - the ancient capital of the so-called Iberia. He bought a soldier precious coat, and returned home, showed it to his sister Sidonia. She saw a relic fell lifeless, and yet so hard pressed tunic to his heart, that remove it from the hands of the deceased had no chance. I had to bury Sidonia with tunic. Then this place has grown a huge cedar. And since then, the family of Eleazar predanieo kept the location of the tunic of the Lord, the fate of which all other Christians around the world do not have the slightest idea. One of the sons of Eleazar, who also baptized Nina, told her the secret. Since Nina was praying alone under the mighty cedar. King of Iberia Mirian heard from her this legend, decided to cut down the cedar, and use the trunk as a central pillar in the very first Christian churches of Georgia, which was named Sveti Tskhoveli. Now it is the patriarchal cathedral of Mtskheta. The temple was built on the site of the tomb of Suetonius and Heaton is still at the base of the cathedral.

Another important for Georgians temple - in the name of the Great Martyr George - now stands on the spot where she died Nina-krestitelnitsa. She was buried on his own bequest near the squalid hut in the village of Budi, where she spent the last years of his life. A cross from the vines, which she christened Georgia, is now kept in the Cathedral in Tbilisi.