Nina Ter-oceepyan

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Date of Birth: 04/18/1909

Age: 93

Place of Birth: Baku

Citizenship: Russia


People`s Artist of Russia

Cavalier of the Order of Merit (1998)

School juniors

Nina Ter-Osipyan was born in Baku. In Moscow, she came with her parents when she was 10, and immediately enrolled in the Junior School - studio of the Theater of the Revolution.

"We arrived in Moscow from Baku in 1919 - says the actress. - In high school I started attending drama club, with this and went. Since my uncle - a member of the Central Election Commission - was the official badge at the Little Theatre, in a box near the stage on the first floor I every evening there was sampled. I still remember the parting Yermolova with the public. In the front row sat Stanislavsky (I know now that it was Stanislavski, and then it was a gray-haired man with black eyebrows). She was taken to the scene Ostuzhev and Prov Sadovsky . Stanislavsky first arose, the entire audience stood up and cried. and the partners were crying - what this tragedy for the actors when leaving such an actress. I saw Michael Chekhov in all his roles since Eric XIV-th, in "The Inspector General" in "Twelfth night "," Hamlet "I watched 50 times. in the spring I finished eighth grade and went to the Vakhtangov theater. But has not passed the competition and tried his hand at the Theatre of the revolution. took ..."

Almost immediately, she was, among other students, began to appear on the stage of this theater, and remained in it until the end. Already in the third year, fate brought aspiring actress with a great Vsevolod Meyerhold. In his "plum" Ter-Osipyan Kukushkin played.

And after a few years all of Moscow`s critics write about a young actress characteristic, brilliantly performing small roles in productions of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Tania". "We at the School Junior acting engaged only in fragments - recalls Nina Mamikonovna. - Other - boxing, fencing, biomechanics. The main focus was on the body. When I was 15, I, of course, boxed so that I even nose smashed ! A biomechanics, I fell on my back and quietly get up! I love ballet. Stanko worked all my life. Now I keep the form, go to the pool, every year I go to Sochi and swim in the sea for an hour. "

The storm passed by

Nina Ter-Osipyan lived with his mother in his uncle`s family. Sahak Ter-Gabrielyan Mirzoevich was Chairman of People`s Commissars of Armenia, and then moved to Moscow, where he served as Permanent Representative of the Armenian Republic in the capital. He was a devotee of the revolution and the party man was a friend of Kirov and Ordzhonikidze. These and many other celebrities frequented the house Ter-Gabrielyan, Nina Mamikonovna with the thrill and excitement listened to their conversation, debate and discussion. But once this was going to end. Sahak Mirzoevich arrested during the search beat Lenin bust, and then extrajudicially executed. As is well known, were killed and Kirov and Ordzhonikidze. Nina Ter-Osipyan called to the Komsomol Committee, gathered to exclude from their ranks, demanded to renounce relatives. But the fates decreed, neither she nor her mother was not touched. Perhaps influenced by a letter to Stalin, who naively Nina dropped in a box at the Trinity gates - after kogda-to and he was a close friend of his uncle and grandmother gently washed my head a future leader and the killer. Needless to say, any shock, humiliation and fear had to go through the family?


And soon - the war. The theater was evacuated to Tashkent, where he continued an active work on productions of new plays. But Ter-Osipyan contracted amoebic dysentery and was sent for treatment and further accommodation in Moscow. There she again appeared on stage at the Theatre of Drama. It was the only functioned in a half-empty theater capital, where they worked all the remaining actors and directors. Here Nina Mamikonovna and lasts until the end of the war, and the theater of the revolution, when he returned, merged with the Drama Theatre and became known as the Moscow theater Mayakovsky.

Position Nina Mamikonovny formed immediately. The characteristic appearance of the Armenian women are not allowed to play either Juliet or Ophelia, nor Love Shevtsov. Still, Ter-Osipyan first wildly afraid of her nose - tightened his makeup. Over time, she refused to make-up on and overcame his shyness. It is rightly called one of the best comedy actress of the Moscow scene.

Leading actress she has created memorable images of bright performances in the "Front", "Ordinary People", "Thunderstorm", "Legend of Love", "Uncle`s Dream". With renewed vigor actress talent manifested itself in recent years, particularly in the productions of "Children Vanyushina", "Sunset", "Fun Don Juan."


In the movie, Ter-Osipyan shot quite a bit: Ashura played the role in the film "Mountain Girl", Aunt Pasha in "women from afar," Aunt Ashkhen in "adult son", the grandmother in the film "Grandma`s grandson." There were scenes in the paintings "Sinegorye", "Sicilian Defence," "Look for the woman", "somersault through the head," "Do not get along."

A great satisfaction brought her collaboration with Nikita Mikhalkov, who in "Five Evenings" Ter-Osipyan played the role again small, but interesting, unanimously marked by film critics. It was her life Chilean director Sebastian Alarcon, who directed her in all his Russian films.

Among the last works of the actress in the film - the image of granny-witch in the movie George Danelia "Nastya". She admitted that Danelia ready even to play "stick, standing silently in the corner."

Nina Ter-Osipyan was shot mostly in the episodes, but as is often the case with really talented actors, and in small roles she created masterpieces. "The more complicated the episode he grain, and it can be done, or well, or get an empty room And when you get into the bull`s-eye, that`s when the joy -. For which you are living."

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