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Date of Birth: 05/12/1945

Age: 70

Place of birth: Bogoduhov

Citizenship: Russia

Nina Ruslanova: Relying only on themselves

Author: Antonin Balakina

Website: Celebrities

Nina Ruslanova, as they say in the West - self Maid men - a man who has made himself. We tossed to Bogodukhov orphanage in Kharkiv region a two-month girl life path has been defined in advance: a children`s home, mastering working professions, job and place in a dormitory, professional growth, experience, get an apartment, and if you`re lucky - a family and a career.

An employee of the orphanage gave foundling name superstars of that time - the singer Lydia Ruslanova, the name of the girl invented itself, patronymic given to the traditional 45-year, and date of birth of Nina, defined as the Day of the Constitution of Stalin, on 5 December. On this day in the orphanage I was always a holiday, and well fed. In addition, the festival was held in honor of amateur concert orphanage where the girl could shine.

After the orphanage - a vocational school, where Nina in 1960, received a working profession plasterer, but devote themselves to the construction did not want to, but instead became a student of Kharkiv Theatre Institute, which itself was the fulfillment of a cherished dream of any girl, ATEM more graduates of vocational schools. Ruslanova But it was not enough. Despite the successes, having studied for two years, she moved to Moscow, where he entered the Shchukin School.

From that moment her life story has become like an ordinary biography of the actor - her classmates were Boris Galkin, Alexander Vertinsky, I. Dykhovichny, Kajdanovsky A., K. Raikin; Course led by VK city. Already as a student, she was able to show their talents - not accidentally Ruslanova was so popular that she was offered a job best Moscow theaters - Sovremennik` `` Taganka`, Vakhtangov Theater, which she gave more than fifteen years. In addition, she appeared on the stage of the theater Ruben Simonov Theatre Mayakovsky.

But be that as it may, the theater does not give the actor Popularly known. The first acquaintance with the cinema happened Nina Ruslanova in 1967, when she was still a student - a nameless role of the bride, in love with the Red Army ( `Vozvraschenie`). We can say that from the time she starred in fact constantly. Her filmography includes more than 150 films, which could not but bring the most widely known. But it is, perhaps, not the quantity, but the fact that the actress work out a variety of female characters - from the `` habalki` to present Soviet zhenschiny`, and each time she manages to find such a trait in her character, which becomes close virtually any woman . In Soviet times, she has created memorable images of the many that became popular films, which saw tens of millions of viewers: `Dog serdtse`,` Tomorrow voyna` was, `Do not shoot the white lebedey`,` Shadows at polden`, `Tsygan`, `Afonya`,` Be my muzhem` `Short vstrechi`, and many others. She worked together with Andrei Mironov, Leonid Kuravlevym, Yevgeny Leonov, Evgeny Evstigneev, Evgenia Simonova ...

Although many Russian actors` poteryalis` in the nineties, Nina Ruslanova remained in demand and popular. In the modern Russian cinema is known for many popular movies, the latest of which was the Russian horror film `Viy`.

Homeland appreciated her work - Nina is a laureate of state prizes of USSR and BSSR, Honoured Artist of the RSFSR and People`s Artist of Russia, winner of four awards `Nika`. Ruslanova managed to maintain demand in the difficult 90 years, but often in a society demand turns more and the negative side.

The demand in the demand for labor was replaced in the scandal. `It is more difficult were the times, but it was not mean-spirited `- looks like a classic said, this is about our era - housemate, a television journalist, is convinced that the elderly woman disfigured his standing 3 ppm rubles car. The amount of damage, according to the victim, who sued 150 000. Nina claims that the action is - just an excuse, it is the aim of the apartment cost 30 million. This scandal is significantly undermined the health of the actress - a few times a week, she has to see a doctor.

Time has an undeniable feature set point of the `i`: crumble hapless BMW will remain somewhere in the archives of the journalist memory, but will not disappear Russian cinema, prominent figure who was, is and remains Nina Ruslanova.

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