Nina Gagen-torn

Picture of Nina Gagen-torn

Date of Birth: 02/12/1900

Age: 85

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the family physician, Russified Swede, Baron Ivan Eduardovich Hagen-Thorn. She graduated from the University of Petrograd (1924). She worked at the Institute of the North, the Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography, and others. Investigated culture, folklore and ethnography of the peoples of the Volga region. Candidate of Historical Sciences (1946). In 1936 he was arrested and sentenced (Article 58-10 / 2) to the 10 years in the camps; incarcerated in Kolyma (released in 1942). In 1947 he was arrested again and sentenced to 5 years in the camps; He was serving a sentence in Mordovia. After the conclusion of exiled to Siberia. In 1954 he venules from exile, rehabilitated in 1956. She worked at the Leningrad branch of the Institute of Ethnography. N. Maclay USSR Academy of Sciences (1955-1977). In addition to ethnographic studies also attempted interpretation of some dark places "Lay", put forward the interesting (though controversial) hypothesis.

NI Hagen-Thorn belongs prose memoir about his childhood, his youth and years of imprisonment. For many years, he wrote poetry, reflecting including camp experience. "Camp" poetry NI Hagen-Thorn is on a par with the verses of A. Barkov V. Shalamov, Yuri Dombrowski et al.