Nikolay Zeydlits

Picture of Nikolay Zeydlits

Date of Birth: 06/25/1831

Age: 76

Place of birth: Riga

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the family of Carl von Seidlitz, head of the engineering team in Riga. Around 1840 the family moved to the village Tyursel (near Narva). Nicholas graduated in Revel yard yang school, during training in which he met with Karl Baer. Education continued at Tartu University. In 1851, as part of a group of students together with Baer and Middendorf he participated in anatomy whale beached.

Upon completion of the course at the University of Natural Sciences, in 1854 and 1855 respectively he traveled through the Caucasus and neighboring Azerbaijan, dedicating these countries his master`s thesis Botanische Ergebnisse einer Reise durch das & # 246; stl. Transkaukasien u. den Aderbeidshan (Dorpat, 1857). The positions of first director of the school Tsarabadskoy sericulture, then the Commissioner for surveying, and since 1865 - the Baku Regional Committee Editor member he was able to visit all corners of the region.

Appointed in 1868, the chief editor of the Caucasus Statistics Committee, he published a series of volumes, mainly on population and populated areas of the Caucasus. In 1880 he published his ethnographic map of the Caucasus, placed on a small scale and in Petermann`a Geogr. Mitteilung., Where, as in the unreleased in St. Petersburg Russische Revue and many other magazines, placed his numerous works on Caucasian.

In the "Russian Journal" (August 1867), for example, his "Essay on the South Caspian ports and trade" (reprinted in Tiflis in 1869); Volume III edited them "Collection of information about the Caucasus" (Tbilisi, 1873) placed "Caucasian wine Essay" with a map; the introduction to his "List of populated places of Baku province" (Tiflis, 1870, with ethnographic and orogidrograficheskimi cards) is a detailed historical and ethnographic overview of this region, which, in particular, took advantage of Orientalist Vambery (Das T & # 252; rkenvolk, Leipzig, 1885). "Summary of statistical data on the population of the Caucasus, with a full alphabetical index of cities and villages Region" (1894) presents all sorts of details about the population of 9984 points edge. Seidlitz initiative belongs to the planting of plantations of Chinese tea and acclimatization of eucalyptus and other exotic plants at that time in the neighborhood of Batum (Chakva on the river).

During the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 was a delegate of the Red Cross. Since 1899 - a retired, he lived in Tiflis.