Nikolay Volkov Old

Picture of Nikolay Volkov Old

Date of Birth: 03/23/1900

Age: 85

Place of birth: Obojan

Citizenship: Russia


Working in the theater and cinema before the war

Nikolai Volkov graduated from the Baku theater studio. He worked in theaters Province: Baku, Kazan, Perm, Ivanovo. Since 1933 - Artist of the Odessa Russian Drama Theatre. A.I.Ivanova.

During the war, Nikolai Volkov was in Tashkent film studio. There also began acting. And the first notable work in film was the role of Maulana Husain-comedy Protazanov "Nasreddin in Bukhara". After the war, Wolves returned to Odessa and continued to work in theater.

The second discovery

Many years later - in 1956 - when "Lenfilm" embarked on the film adaptation of "The Old Man Hottabych" filmmakers remembered Volkov, and its discovery as a film actor was held for the second time.

Invitations poured in with such intensity that Nikolai Volkov had to leave the theater. His soft, without pressure, actor`s manner, restraint, which manifest themselves on screen egogeroi, their intelligence - all of it was very out of place in our cinema.

Characters Volkova lined up in a row: the artist Mukomolov ( "Silence"), teacher Simbirtsev ( "Wicked Angel"), an American salesman Willy Loman ( "Bridge to move is impossible"), storyteller Aigle ( "Scarlet sails a"), the Cuban fisherman Manuel ( "Black gull"), the seller of lottery tickets ( "Man goes for the sun").

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