Nikolay Tokarev

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Date of Birth: 06/22/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Future Artist Nikolai Tokarev was born June 22, 1971 in Moscow. His father, Sergey Evgenievich - the artist, and his mother Marina Y. - musician. In 1978, Nicholas went to the first class of the usual Moscow school number 803. It would seem that the boy, who was born and raised in an artistic family, should not be a bully, but Kohl studied in school only until the 8th grade - 9th did not taken, citing poor performance and unsatisfactory conduct. The young Nicholas was fun to hang out with the boys in the yard, smoking a cigarette in secret from their parents than to learn. Learning he did not like - I was bored in school. Harness in the same yard riding a motorcycle was much more fun!

However, to complete their education is still somewhere was necessary. The school issued Tokarev such a characteristic that he could rely only on the vocational school. Indeed, the only educational institution that plohoyharakteristikoy was no surprise, it turned out vocational number 98. At the same time a school of the district Nikolai graduated from art school

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