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Date of Birth: 12/13/1930

Age: 59

Place of birth: Borisoglebsk

Citizenship: Russia


Rybnikov appeared on the screen at the beginning of the 50`s and immediately became a favorite of the public, who immediately learned the song of a popular hero rybnikovskogo - Sasha Savchenko from the film "Spring on Zarechnaya street." "When spring comes, I do not know ..!" - Sang the whole country. Photo Cards with the image of an idol produced an unprecedented number of copies of it in newspapers and magazines, at the box office cinemas lined kilometer queue, when the screens out the new movies with Nikolai Rybnikov.

But the star actor shone for a brief period. Just 10 years Rybnikov was in demand and respected. During this time he starred in such films as "Alien kin", "height", "The Girl Without an Address", "Two Lives", "Girls", "War and Peace". In the life of being like his hero - a simple, open, ironic - he married the first Moscow beauty Alla Larionova, shone in the suit, secular roles. They idolized, envied, by the end of the 60s almost stopped them both to shoot.

Rybnikov not forgotten, but the role went uninteresting, films - secondary. He played Ivan Mazaeva in "seventh heaven" Ivan Ivanovich "Family Ivanov" Nepeivoda in the "entertainment for old people," Devyatkina in the film "Leaving - leave" Kondrati Petrovich in the film "To Marry a Captain." He has just left a little less than 50 films that the idol of the public, in general, quite a bit. If we take into account that in recent years only Rybnikov starred in episodes. Even the kinogeroi Rybnikov little different from each other: first, they were young, provocative work, then - just family men, but in the end - the nasty old men. Meanwhile, VGIKovtsy Rybnikov generation still remember the way he played in the graduation performance of Peter I. According to them, such a performance no one else ever had.

People`s Artist of the RSFSR (1981).

He studied at the medical school Stalingrad. Was actor Supporting Stalingrad drama theater. He graduated from the VGIK (1953, workshop Gerasimov and T.Makarovoy). Since 1953 - in the film actor Studio Theatre.

As a result of viewers` poll of the magazine "Soviet Screen", as the best performer of a cameo role in the film "To Marry a Captain" (1986).

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