Nikolay Mordvinov

Picture of Nikolay Mordvinov

Date of Birth: 02/15/1901

Age: 64

Place of birth: Yadrin

Citizenship: Russia


Nicholas was born Mordvinians 2 (15) in February 1901 in a family of well-known in his town Yadrinsky merchant. Already in the period of study in a real school Yadrinskii played in amateur theatricals. In 1925 he entered the studio under the direction of A. Zavadsky (Moscow), two years later was reorganized into the Studio Theatre (1927).

Since 1936, he played in the Rostov-on-Don Theater. Gorky, since 1940 - at the Moscow Theater. Moscow City Council.


One of the first roles created Mordvinov, considered the most significant images of Richard ( "Devil`s Disciple" Shaw), Wagram ( "Vagramova night" LS Pervomaisky), Sobolewski ( "simple thing" for Lavrenev), Petruchio ( "The Taming of the Shrew" by Shakespeare ).

In 1937-1939 he played the role of Don Juan in "The Stone Guest" by A. Pushkin, Karl Moor in "The Robbers" by Friedrich Schiller and other major roles.

Theatrical works characterized by temperamental, romantic raised game and the attraction to the heroic and tragical images, say in the creation of the characters strong, outstanding personalities, such as Othello, Lear ( "Othello," "King Lear" by Shakespeare), General Ognev ( "Front" A . E. Korniychuk). With depth, perfectly played the role of specificity found Basil Zabrodina ( "Leningrad Prospekt" IV stock). In a brilliant and dramatic manner Buffon played a comedy role Chevalier Ripafratta ( "Innkeeper" by Carlo Goldoni).

Since 1935, she starred in the movie. In the years 1936-1942 starred Gypsy Yudko ??in the film ( "The last camp," 1936), Arbenina - in the film "Masquerade" (1941), Bogdan Khmelnitsky - in the film "Bogdan Khmelnitsky" (1941), Kotovsky - in the film " Kotovsky "(1943). Also participated in the film "A guy from our city" (1942).

He has performed with the reading of poems by Mikhail Lermontov, he wrote his poem on the radio. Biggest job Mordvinova - Arbenina role in the play of Mikhail Lermontov`s "Masquerade". Initially Mordvinov was played in a movie (1941). Arbenin by ND Mordvinova - hero-rebel. For the embodiment etogoobraza theater (1952, 1963), the actor was awarded the Lenin Prize (1965).

Recognition and Awards

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1935)

Stalin Prize (1942 - for the film "Bogdan Khmelnitsky")

People`s Artist of the USSR (1949)

Stalin Prize (1949, 1951) - for theatrical work: the role and Kostyushkin Kurepina ( "Insult", "Dawn over Moscow" Surova).

Lenin Prize (1965, for the play "Masquerade").

He was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and medals.


1935 - The last camp

1941 - Bogdan Khmelnitsky

1941 - Masquerade

1942 - Kotovsky

1942 - The guy from our city

1946 - In the mountains of Yugoslavia

1950 - Courageous people

1965 - When the storks fly away