Nikolay Merzlikin

Picture of Nikolay Merzlikin

Date of Birth: 04/16/1945

Age: 61

Place of birth: village Sartynya

Citizenship: Russia


Born April 16, 1945 in the village of Sartynya, Tyumen region

He graduated from GITIS, the course of Joseph Moiseevich Rajewski and Yevgenia Kozyrev. (1969).

Prior GITIS served in the Army as a signaller and - suddenly attracted the director of the film "Early morning" .Popal to shoot to the very Tatiana Lioznova. In the film he played a boy whose parents die, and he brings his little sister, not agreeing to give it to the orphanage.

From 1971 he worked in the studio theater actor in Moscow.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1983).

He passed away on January 3rd 2007.

In the New Year holidays for nearly 20 years Nikolai came to the children in the image of Santa Claus on the Christmas tree, which was held in the sports complex "Olympic". So it was in 2007 ..