Nikolay Kuzanskiy

Picture of Nikolay Kuzanskiy

Date of Birth: 1401

Age: 63

Place of birth: Cuza on the Moselle

Citizenship: Italy


Nicholas of Cusa was born in Kuze on the Moselle River. At the place of his birth, and he got the nickname - Cusa or Kuzanets. Reliable information about the child`s future life is no thinker. We only know that his father was a fisherman and wine-grower, and Nicholas himself teenager fled from his home. It sheltered the Count Theodoric von Manderscheid. Perhaps Nicholas was in school, "common life of brothers" in Deventer (Netherlands). He then continued his studies at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and in the school of canon law in Padua (Italy). In 1423 Nikolai received a doctorate in canon law. Back in Germany, he studied theology at Cologne. In 1426, soon after he was ordained a priest, Nicholas becoming secretary of the papal legate in Germany, Cardinal Orsini. After a while, he became rector of the Church of St. Florine in Koblenz.

During these years, Nicholas of Cusa first acquainted with the ideas of the humanists, who have a certain influence on him. No wonder he was among those Roman Catholic priests, who were in favor of limiting the power of the pope and the increased importance of church councils. In his first essay "On consent of Catholics," he also expressed doubts as to the truth "Konstantinova gift" and proclaimed the idea of ??the people`s will, having equal importance for the Church and the State. In 1433, these ideas he expressed at the Council of Basel. But by the end of the cathedral Nikolaypereshel the side of the Pope, apparently doubting the possibility of reform.

Soon Nicholas of Cusa enlisted in the papal curia. In 1437 he was a member of the papal delegation to Constantinople, which was supposed to meet with the emperor, the patriarch and an opportunity for delegates from the Eastern churches to the unification of the cathedral between the Western and Eastern churches. Looking anxiously to the Ottoman threat, the Greeks are increasingly sought union. However, the cathedral was opened in Ferrara and continued in Florence, did not give the desired results. On the road from Constantinople to Cusanus, he said, it came down divine revelation, which soon will be the basis of the famous treatise