Nikolay Kornouhov

Picture of Nikolay Kornouhov

Date of Birth: 11/17/1930

Age: 62

Place of birth: Vyzheless

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

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Nikolai Kornoukhov. Artist episodic roles in theater and film, starred in the films,,,,.

Kornoukhov Nicholas was born in the Ryazan region, in the village of Vyzheless. He began his career at age 14 in Moscow, where he moved with his family at the beginning of the war. He worked as a shoemaker, while he studied at the school of young workers. Then there was a mechanic, carpenter, but always secretly dreamed of the stage.

In 1954 he enrolled in the trainee Kornoukhova part of Theatre of the Soviet Army. He was in the crowd,. Alexey Popov Head of the theater after a few Kornoukhova outputs on stage said to him, and soon the novice actor proposed several interesting roles. But soon Popov died, and in the works of Nikolai Ivanovich was a lull.

In the early `60s Kornoukhov for three years increased kvalifikatsiyuv Theatre Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Back in Moscow, the actor before his death he played on stage TSTSA. His heroes - sailors, soldiers, peasants, workers, gangsters. Sometimes Kornoukhova role was limited to two or three sentences. And only in the 70 years he waited for decent work: (Major Kovalyov) (Selivan grandfather), (foreman), (Owl), (Bul-Bul), (Ferdyshchenko) (Carp Nilovich). Nicholas was a true soldier Kornoukhov scenes, correct and do not need anything in return.

In the movie, the actor began filming back in the 40s. Among his film credits: (a servant), (orderly), (the driver) (Kuzma), (coach), (Milyukov), (Ryabtsev) (Evdokymich) (Sazonov) (Shapovalov), (Gregory Kuzmich) (alcoholic), (antipode Kamensky), (Avtandil Avtandilovich).

April 4, 1993 Nicholas Kornoukhov played two morning performances. In the evening, he had to take part in one more. The actor died on the way to the theater.

Honored Artist of Russia (1988).

Since 1947 - a locksmith apprentice at the Mechanical Plant named after Yaroslavsky. In 1948 - a mechanic in the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of synthetic and natural fragrance compounds. Since 1949 - a carpenter apprentice on Avtorefrizheratornom plant. Since 1953 - a carpenter factory. Since 1954 - Artist stazh