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Date of Birth: 12/12/1766

Age: 59

Place of birth: a. Mikhaylovka

Citizenship: Russia

Last chronicler

Many heroes and eagerly cried the most famous novel by Nikolai Karamzin. And the compilers of the Soviet school curriculum to include "Poor Liza" in the course of the 7th grade, permanently glued to Karamzin label tearful sentimentalist.

"Lisa cried, cried Erast".

When in the late 1980s, "The History of the Russian State" released subscription, the excitement was incredible. I create it semi-literate audience, for some reason consider Karamzin for "early Pikul". It was amusing to look at the long faces of those who set out to after dinner to lie on the couch with a small volume of the "History of ...".

The fate measured out Karamzin 60 years. He was born in a riotous, puffy, lordly Catherine of Russia, and left this world in the first year of the reign of Nicholas, the end of the year of Pushkin`s links, the last year of the last great era of Russian history. Nathan Adelman knowingly Karamzin called "the last chronicler." Next, the chroniclers did not need - need the stenographers and speechwriters.

Karamzin - the first Russian author, who began to write with care about the reader. Gnarled, stumbling, stammering "tr

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