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Date of Birth: 10/27/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Childhood and youth

Biography Karachentsova outwardly notable high-profile events. Muscovites, who finished a sports school, he decided to become an actor. His mother was a choreographer, his father - a graphic artist, worked for many years in the magazine "Ogonyok", therefore, certain genes of art were incorporated in it from birth. But even stingy list made Karachentsov actor impresses with its number and scope. In addition to the set of theatrical works, it is necessary to mention more than a hundred films, the actor played mostly leading roles.


In 1963 Karachentsov enrolled in the school-studio behalf VI Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater, who graduated with honors. Among the top ten graduates had been sent for distribution to the theater of the Lenin Komsomol. By linking your creative life with Lenkom, the actor remained faithful to him and to this day. There he played in a variety of performances. For more than thirty years of creative activity Karachentsov not only won the love and recognition of the audience, but also rightly gained the status of one of the leading actors of our time. Therefore performances with his participation are sold out with enviable.

The fame brought Karachentsovu performance of "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta" (two roles in the musical version of the poetic drama of Pablo Neruda). In the theater, the main partner is more likely to Karachentsova Inna Surikov, with which they played many brilliant duets, particularly in plays such as "Sorry" and "Till" (the role of Till Eulenspiegel). Zakharov often uses the duo to create performances for two, where the power of each actor`s temperament complements the role of the other shades. Gorgeous and Karachentsova work in the play "Juno and Avos" (the role of Count Nikolai Rezanov, a rock opera by Alexei Rybnikov on the poem by Andrei Voznesensky), who for fifteen years in a row is sold out. Zdes partner often has a different famous actress - E. Shanin.

Zakharov attracted him to participate in many modern performances, including a modern play "Cruel Intentions" (the role of Misha Zemtsova) and historical-revolutionary "Optimistic Tragedy" (the role of Alexei). The final statement of the theater in which participating Karachentsov, was the play "The Czech photo". He was raised Galin, who was invited specially for the job. Partner also Karachentsova in this performance is Kalyagin.


Active in the movies actor began only after the triumph of "Til". Zakharov himself did not use Karachentsova in their on-screen work with the exception of small roles in television tapes "The Twelve Chairs" (1977) and "The House that Swift Built" (1982). However, at the beginning of his film career Karachentsov played one of his best roles - Busygina in the film adaptation of the play by Alexander Vampilov "eldest son" (1975). Rampant in all performing the generosity of many colors distinguishes the role Karachentsova.

Karachentsov great rides on the horse and fences. Well, as an actor in fights simply irresistible that he proved in filming the movie "The Adventures of Electronics" and "A Man from Boulevard des Capucines". It is no accident that in the movie "One for All", which viewers saw in 1986, he played without a backup.

Karachentsov as a stage actor, plays and costume films with success. Many viewers remember his funny and smug Marquis Ricardo in the famous movie "Dog in the Manger," which he starred in 1977, next year Karachentsov as well have played a new a dress role Zlata in the film "Yaroslavna, Queen of France," and in 1997 he starred in the role of Peter I in the movie "Secrets of palace revolutions."

With director Vladimir Bortko actor worked on the eccentric comedy "Good luck, gentlemen!" (1992) and partly confessional film "The Circus Burned Down and the Clowns Ran Away" (1998).

At the end of the 1990s TV series starred Karachentsov ( "St. Petersburg secrets", "D.D.D. Dossier detective Dubrovsky").

It can be considered a pronounced character actor, which is equally owned and tragic and comic techniques. Special professionalism, generated primarily years of theatrical practice, allows him to feel confident in the most difficult or unusual scenes.

True, he Karachentsov would like to be called a versatile actor, and therefore constantly seeking to expand their repertoire. In the meantime, the directors longer perceive him as an actor of the two areas - socio-psychological or comic-grotesque musical plan. In these roles the actor in the ground and take off. Sometimes there are and the role of the hero-lover.

Hobby. Music

As an actor game requires not only psychological but also physical endurance, Nikolai Karachentsov tries to maintain physical fitness and sports. For a time he was seriously engaged in diving, and twenty years ago became interested in tennis. Despite the tough attitude to himself and his habits, he goes on a lot of smoke. Perhaps it is easier to relieve stress, which is so vulnerable to the actors.

The actor has also worked on the dubbing of foreign films, in particular voiced in Russian voiced the role of Belmondo.

Another fad Karachentsova long been singing. When the festival has been held actor`s song named after Andrei Mironov, Karachentsov not only entered his jury, but also became a sing songs to a wide audience. Its a bit hoarse, but extraordinarily expressive voice is easy to remember and becomes a kind of hallmark of the films in which he sings and plays - "Trust That Has Burst" (1982), "The battalions are asked to fire" (1984), "A Man from Boulevard des Capucines" (1987) and others.

Karachentsov already produced several CDs, he played in the first Massina Yu Song, in the second - the songs on poems by I. Resnick and music wrote M. Dunaevsky. To record the last disc Karachentsov even traveled to America to nothing to distract him from his work.

Personal life

Family life Karachentsova developed quite well. For twenty years he was married to actress Lyudmila Porginoj, whom he met in the theater "Lenkom". She is currently a leading actress, Honored Artist of Russia, plays a varied and interesting role - "Kazan Mother of God" in "Juno" and "Avos" Paulina in "The Seagull" and Golovkin in "Shute Balakirev" - play, which received the State Prize .

Son Andrew graduated from the faculty of international law MGIMO. Karachentsov not a supporter of the acting dynasty and believes that everyone has his own way in life. Better yet, if he will be without parental care.

Nikolai Karachentsov easily included in the company, since it has great communication skills, and can make a joke and cheer his comrades at the right time. However, the actor`s party did not attract.

Compared to how demanding Karachentsov to his creativity in everyday life he unassuming. When traveling to different countries of the world, he had to try the most exquisite dishes, and yet he prefers dishes of his youth - cutlets seven cents, pilchards in tomato sauce or pasta nautically. So its gourmet can not be called.

The same attitude and the actor has developed a style of their clothes. He chose him for a long time and since then does not change. In addition, his style is dictated by the manner of life of the actor - the rapid movement from one stage to another area, from the studio to the theater. Therefore Karachentsov prefers to wear denim.

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