Nikolay Jukovskiy

Picture of Nikolay Jukovskiy

Date of Birth: 01/17/1847

Age: 74

Place of birth: a. Nut

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Zhukovsky was born on 5 (17) January 1847 in with. Nut now Vladimir region, died on March 17, 1921 in Moscow.

In Moscow from 1857. He graduated from Moscow University (1868). In 1870-74 he taught physics and mathematics at the 2nd Moscow girls` school, in 1872 - at the Imperial Technical School (IUT later - Bauman), since 1885 - at Moscow University.

Under the leadership of Zhukovsky with mechanical study at Moscow University in 1902, it was built one of Europe`s first wind tunnel in 1904 in the village of Kachin world`s first aerodynamic institute established near Moscow.

In 1910 in the ITU aerodynamic laboratory was opened with the direct participation of Zhukovsky. In Zhukovsky`s proposal to establish a Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, 1918), the head of which he was appointed.

Zhukovsky-based Theoretical courses for pilots were reorganized into the Moscow Aviation College, on the basis of which in 1920 established the Institute of Engineers of the Red Air Force, Air Force now inzhenernayaakademiya (VVIA, 1922 Zhukovsky).

Zhukovsky laid the foundations of a single scientific discipline - theoretical and experimental aerodynamics, which has had a huge impact on later development of aviation.

Author of numerous studies in the field of rigid body mechanics, astronomy, mathematics, applied mechanics, fluid dynamics, and hydraulics, control theory, and other machines.

Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1894).

Buried in the Donskoy cemetery. Zhukovsky in 1936 the name of the named street (byvshiyMylnikov lane near Chistoprudny Boulevard; on d 8, where he lived Zhukovsky - a plaque.).

In 1947 in the building where he worked in 1915-20 Zhukovsky (Street Radio, 17; plaque), established the Scientific Zhukovsky Memorial Museum, opened to the public in 1956. Monuments-busts - near the building of Moscow State University on Vorobyovy Gory (1953, sculptor M z. Manizer), at the entrance to the Scientific Zhukovsky memorial Museum (1958, sculptor Neroda GV), in front of the VVIA on Leningradsky Prospect (1959, sculptor Neroda, architect IA Frenchman).