Nikolay Jinkin

Picture of Nikolay Jinkin

Date of Birth: 07/27/1893

Age: 86

Place of birth: Suzdal

Citizenship: Russia


philological faculty of Moscow University. He worked at the Institute of Psychology (1914), in the State Academy of Artistic Sciences. In 1947, the Institute of psychology master`s thesis on the topic "The intonation of speech in connection with the general problems of expression", and in 1959 - his doctoral thesis on "Mechanisms of speech", which was used by the original technique kinorentgenosemki. He taught at the Institute of Foreign Languages. Thorez and the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University. Professor. A specialist in the psychology of language, speech and thought, speech communication, speech, semantics, programmed instruction. Developed problem of Arts psychology, in particular cinema. He conducted research of speech of students, communication processes of humans and animals, the psychological aspects of programmed instruction, the processes of perception, understanding and generating text. Syllable interpreted as "articulatory" unit of speech.