Nikolay Gorban

Picture of Nikolay Gorban

Date of Birth: 12/22/1899

Age: 37

Place of birth: a. Nikolaevka

Citizenship: Uzbekistan


Born 8 (22) in December 1899 in a. Nikolaevka Konstantinograd County Poltava province. Died April 19, 1973 in Tashkent. Son Zemsky teachers. In 1917 he graduated with honors from high school Kobylyakskuyu. In 1921 he graduated from the historical-philological faculty of Kharkov University.

Disciple of Academician DN Bagalei. PhD student (1921-1922), researcher at the Department of History of Ukrainian culture Kharkov Institute of Public Education, then converted to the university, since 1929 - Associate Professor of this department, the head of the Ukrainian section of the pre-capitalist history at the Institute of History of Ukrainian culture. In 1929 he was elected scientific secretary and a full member of the Archaeological Commission of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The Oriental Research Institute was engaged in the commission for the study of the Ukrainian-Turkish relations.

At the same time he headed the department of the newspaper TSKKP (b) The "Peasant Truth" (1921-1925), was an editor at the radio telegraph agency (1926-1927). By that time owned languages: French, German, Greek, Latin, Turkish. He was a member of the Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries (UPSR), where he focused on the problems of education.

April 6, 1931 was arrested on false charges (case "Ukrainian National Center" - UC-known more as a "matter Grushevskogo"). After ten months in jail in Ukraine was charged under Art. 54-10 and 54-11 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR and sentenced under Art. 58/11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (Soviet OGPU College Decree of February 7, 1932) and sent to Almaty for three years (1932-1934), then for three years in Tobolsk (1934-1937). Rehabilitated. Total issued before the arrest (in separate editions and articles) more than one hundred works.

After moving to Omsk - a teacher of literature, German language in secondary schools, Latin - in the nursing and medical school, a member of the Omsk State Archives (1937-1939), lecturer (1945-1948), then Associate Professor of History of the USSR Omsk Pedagogical Institute (1948-1950). In 1946 he defended his thesis at LSU "The peasant movement was the spiritual patrimonies Tobolsk diocese in the XVIII century.". In 1950 he was awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War", prepared a doctoral dissertation on "The Peasant War of 1773-1775. in Western Siberia, "but in the same year again subjected to repression and dismissed from the Pedagogical Institute.

Repeatedly he was unemployed. Since September 1953 led Latin in Omsk railway medical school, and then to February 1960 in the medical school, the veterinary institute. At the same time contributed to the archive management, and it was the main type of its activity. Without the ability to print large work, he sought to put into scientific circulation a large amount of archival material identified. The vast array of newspaper publications (more than three hundred), there are several major issues: civil war in Siberia, cultural history, the history of the peoples of Siberia and the history of the church. Many of these articles in local and regional newspapers reprinted "Pravda" and "Izvestia".

Clean Omsk theme of scientific work was a series of brochures electoral system in Omsk before the revolution. Using as a pretext the first postwar elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the scientist introduced in the brochure of factual material, they are inhabited by figures as the democratic camp, and representatives of the bourgeoisie, they are published (abridged) election manifesto Omsk.

NV Gorban compiled and published guides to the archives of Alma-Ata, Tobolsk, Omsk, guides and reviews Omsk archive funds. Since 1957 - a member of the Omsk branch of the Geographical Society of the USSR. So, in an unpublished paper "Peasant War of 1773-1775. in Western Siberia "used materials Moscow archives of Leningrad, Omsk, Tobolsk, Tyumen, Tomsk. In all situations not stop the scientific activities that are remained meaning and content life.

In the "History of Ukrainian Literature" (Kiev, "Naukova Dumka", 1965. - S. 15) Mikola Gorban named one of the founders of the historical genre in the Ukrainian Soviet literature. His historical novels and other works, and according to "Ukrainian Literary Encyclopedia" (Kiev, 1988. T. 1. - S. 460), calling the story "Kozak and Governor" (Ruch, 1929), "Word and Deed the sovereign" (Ruch , 1930), "Glukhovski performances in 1750" (1929), "Echoes of the Decembrist movement in Slobozhanschyna" (1930).

Since 1960 - Associate Professor of Foreign Languages ??Department of the Tashkent Medical Institute, since 1966 - head of the department of foreign languages ??of the Tashkent University. During these years, he wrote a series of articles, "From the history of prepodavaniyalatinskogo language grammar school in Tashkent", "Tashkent legend about Pugachev". Mastered the Uzbek language.

Since 1999, the Omsk State. archive held scientific readings in memory of N. Gorban, the Omsk State. University established a scholarship in his name. Archival Management Administration of Omsk Region has established a prize named after N. Gorban, awarded for historical and archival research. Among the award winners - Professor LP Roschevskaya (Award 2002).

Son NV Gorban, Alexander Gorban - known scientist, granddaughter, Anna A. Gorban - brilliant artist.

Political persecution touched and son Gorban: "Ukrainian historian and writer Nikolai (Mykola) Gorban, who spent many years in exile, who was sitting in prison, said once that in Tobolsk link with him went to celebrate one anarchist - a daughter - and joked: "Mikola, I die - my daughter will be celebrated for me, you die and you - who will go for you celebrate?" ". These words proved prophetic. Son NV Gorban organized student performance against the political process in 1968. His fate intervened personally omnipotent Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Suslov. Despite this, Gorban was able, in the end, to get an education and become a famous mathematician.

Selected Works

Nikolai Gorban author of dozens of books and brochures (20), several hundred articles. Some articles and even books came out without the author or by the initials NG or MG