Nikolay Glebovetskiy

Picture of Nikolay Glebovetskiy

Age: 42

Place of birth: Glebovitsky

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a Uniate priest in the village of Cheremkhovo Kolomiyskogo district in Bukovina (Austro-Hungary, now Chernivtsi region, Ukraine). Primary and secondary education he received in Czernowitz, and in Coloma, and the highest - in the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna.

He published "Stories and Essays" (Lviv, 1905) and "Etudes and Essays" (Lviv, 1906). Essays and stories N. Glebovitsky describe peasant life in the Austrian Galicia, Gentry arbitrary, mutual hatred of the peasants for land, others reflect the philosophical or political thoughts of the author. Imitate Ivan Turgenev. Most udavshiesya his stories - is "In one of the nights of May